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Nov 24, 2013 09:29 AM

Eating at Salt in Canton with the new chef

Our first visit since the change of chefs did not go well. Autumn sangria tasted like sour cherry juice with spices. "Arugula and Frisee Salad
Boquerones vinaigrette, poached egg, basil" turned out to be heavily fishy greens with a freezing cold egg. The fresh fruits with the sorbets were a couple of pear slices. The seafood cassoulet had no relationship to a cassoulet. The one shining success was the grilled sweetbreads with brussel sprouts: tender, fresh and with a flavorful gravy. Oh, and the duck fat fries were still tempting.
Any other opinions?

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  1. We ate at Salt earlier this month and were not impressed. We shared the duck fat fries, pumpkin soup and the duck. The fries were a huge disappointment- soggy and over-salted. My husband described them as "bad ballpark fries". The pumpkin soup and duck were fine, but nothing surprising or interesting about them. We aren't planning to return.

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      Wow that's good to know. I've lived around the corner for years and never been but was planning to only go as a destination for the fries.

    2. We were there this past Sat. night, and our experience was quite different. I actually ordered the sangria-- it sounds like you had a bad batch-- mine was perfect. We also had a delicious petite syrah from the Russian River Valley. I was impressed by the wine list overall-- I always appreciate restaurants that have a diverse selection under $50!
      I did not love my appetizer-- the fluke crudo-- but I thought it was more in the selection than the preparation. I ordered the tuna entree, which was fabulous, and indistinguishable from the dish made by the previous chef. My husband had the rockfish, which he also loved. We also got the fries-- they again tasted indistinguishable from the previous version. I like them, but they are not as addictive as other places... And for dessert, of course we had the donuts. My one complaint about those is that I wish they had more traditional ice cream flavors to accompany them. We ended up getting them with some type of herb infused vanilla, which was a little much. It would have been perfect if it were simpler!
      So overall, we left feeling like it was a great meal and would certainly go back. I'm surprised to learn your experience was so different!

      1. I was there recently after having not been in years. PORK BELLY is all I have to say. It was phenomenal! At a time when everybody seems to have crispy pork belly on their menu, this dish was cooked perfectly and was paired with interesting sides.

        Crispy Cider Brined Pork Belly - 8
        White corn polenta, apple salad, cider jus