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Nov 24, 2013 07:33 AM

Chela's/tacos in Ann Arbor

Finally went to Chela's--quick taco stop w/ my teen son.
Not greasy= good. No salsas on the table = not good
Guacamole: good. Pickled veggies are a nice touch, but lack a picante edge!
Rajas con queso were not prepared in a traditional manner--thus a big disappointment. Instead of roasted, peeled poblano strips sauteed w/ onion & melted cheese, Chela's version was raw thinly-sliced poblano w/ some cold shredded cheese on top.
Tacos al pastor were tasty, but honestly could use a bit of grease. Would it kill Michigan taquerias to add a bit of grilled pineapple???!!!

Overall Chela's was fine, but I was not won over.

Washtenaw Co still lacks a great all-around taqueria, though I would lean toward Tmaz (on Packard) as the best option.

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