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Nov 23, 2013 10:56 PM

Hello, we will have 6 hour stopover at Beijing Airport from 5PM to 11:30PM. We would like to go out of airport and have good dinner with Beijing duck. Please advise. Thanks.

6 hours stopover at Beijing airport

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    1. Leave your luggage at "left baggage" at the airport.
      Take the subway out to the city center.
      There are a number of good roast duck restaurants in the city.
      Try the Quanjude restaurant off the Hepingmen subway station.
      Alternatively, try the main Quanjude restaurant near the Qianmen subway station.

        1. There are several branches of Da Dong. Frankly I don't think they serve the best Peking duck. Just google their address and map their locations. I am very negative on Quanjude, living on their reputation and the tourist trade.

          1. I think there is a branch of Quanjude restaurant on Wangfujing street near the subway stop.

            I'm not sure where you are traveling from, but you might need a visa to leave the airport.

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              No, you can get a 72 hour transit visa to go shopping