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Hello, we will have 6 hour stopover at Beijing Airport from 5PM to 11:30PM. We would like to go out of airport and have good dinner with Beijing duck. Please advise. Thanks.

6 hours stopover at Beijing airport

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    1. Leave your luggage at "left baggage" at the airport.
      Take the subway out to the city center.
      There are a number of good roast duck restaurants in the city.
      Try the Quanjude restaurant off the Hepingmen subway station.
      Alternatively, try the main Quanjude restaurant near the Qianmen subway station.

        1. There are several branches of Da Dong. Frankly I don't think they serve the best Peking duck. Just google their address and map their locations. I am very negative on Quanjude, living on their reputation and the tourist trade.

          1. I think there is a branch of Quanjude restaurant on Wangfujing street near the subway stop.

            I'm not sure where you are traveling from, but you might need a visa to leave the airport.

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              No, you can get a 72 hour transit visa to go shopping

            2. As someone else suggested, check travel restrictions very, very carefully to determine if you will need a visa. You do not need a visa if you are simply transiting via Beijing and not leaving the airport. But if you want to leave the airport that will be a very different story.

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                I'm sorry, but this is just not correct. You do not require a visa for up to 72 hours. This is clearly stated on both airline and Chinese consulate websites. To suggest otherwise just on the basis of hearsay is misleading and unhelpful

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                  Please provide documentation of fact.

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                    It's actually pretty common practice in many countries. http://www.chinaembassy.org.nz/eng/ls... has a pretty comprehensive explanation. It's entirely possible to have a 1 or 2 day stopover. It would stink to be trapped in an airport for the entire time. I suppose that's why it exists.

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                        To be accurate, the 72 hour visa free transit has conditions that you need to be aware of. It must be strictly transit only and the transit must be to outside of the country.

                        For instance, you cannot travel LA-Beijing-LA, nor can you travel LA-Beijing-Shanghai. You can only qualify if you transit with tickets for instance, LA-Beijing-Seoul, etc.

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                          Yep, that's all in the link I noted. I imagine the OP is aware of this. If not, s/he will figure it out at the airport.

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                          And to further clarify, there is this (note the use of "may be" and "review potential eligibility" and "confirm with airline"):

                          Extended Stay Transit Requirements for Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shanghai

                          Travelers to China may be permitted transit for up to 72 hours without a visa through the cities of Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shanghai only. Please note that severe restrictions apply and travelers on this program must register with the police within 24 hours of arrival. If interested in pursuing this option it is recommended that you review your potential eligibility with the embassy and confirm that boarding without a visa is permitted by your airline.

                          The Embassy of China advises that travelers who violate any of the Transit Without Visa regulations will be banned from entering China in the future.

                          To minimize the risk of refusal of entry VisaCentral recommends that travelers obtain a visa in advance.

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                      The 72 hrs visa free transit don't matter in this case as OP's stay is less than 24 hrs, which has a different, much less restrictive rule than the 72 hr rule. In other words, OP don't need a visa.

                      Now back to recommending a good duck restaurant. Made in China? OP needs to make a reservation first, then get a taxi at the airport, have the name and address of the restaurant in Chinese printed to show the taxi driver. Most of all, OP needs to make sure he/she does have the 6 hrs, because it takes time to get off the airplane, and needs to get back to the airport a couple of hrs before the next flight.

                      1. re: PeterL

                        As a frequent traveler to China and quite familiar with the various visa option, I am quite concerned with your statement that OP does not need a visa. There is indeed a 24 hr transit visa (the "G" visa) but it states very clearly that the traveler cannot leave the airport.

                        I could be wrong and perhaps PeterL can point out where it says that 24 hr visits to China does not need a visa.

                        Visa Free Transit
                        1. No visa is required for foreigners who hold tickets to the final destination and have booked seats on international airlines, ships, trains transiting directly through China, and will stay for less than 24 hours and do not leave the specified transit area.

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                          I don't have time to find the exact legal quotations, but this issue has been discussed extensively at many travel related sites. For example, try tripadvisor.com.

                          OP's biggest problem is in terms of timing. OP do you have 6 hrs free and clear, or does that include time to get off the plane and check back in for your next flight? By my calculation, you'll need 45 min to get off the plane out to the arrival area, 1 hr to get into the city, 1 hr to get back to the airport, and at least 1 hr ahead of time to check back into your next flight. That leaves you about 2 hrs to enjoy your meal. I don't think you have enough time.

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                            I agree with Peter regarding the time constraints. The two variables are going to be clearing immigration coming in which can be quick or incredibly slow, the authorities are efficient but if your arrival coincides with lots of planes, or it's around a Chinese national holiday it's just really really busy (I go up to Beijing quite a lot - sometimes just for a day). The second variable is traffic on the roads to town, it can be quick, or it can be excruitiating slow depending on traffic volume, and peak hours are very bad.

                            On the plus side, restaurant service is quick, and exiting via immigration and security is usually fast. But again the trip back to the airport can be slow (and you need to find a taxi).

                    2. Hi! Wondering if you've taken your trip and if you ventured out for dinner? I've got the same itinerary and would like to attempt the same if it worked out ok and let you with enough time to get back to the airport and relax a bit before the flight? Also, PeterL referenced a Made in China, did you go there or elsewhere? Curious what the meal ended up costing since it's at the Grand Hyatt. Appreciate anything you can share!