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Nov 23, 2013 08:18 PM

looking for a parve dip

I'm looking for a recipe for a parve dip that does not have spinach in it. Do you think I can substitute frozen broccoli for frozen spinach?

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  1. Maybe you should give a bit more information . . . what do you want to dip? Do you have an aversion to "faux" milchigs? Myself, I'd made the old-fashioned onion dip with Tofutti sour cream if the dip were for potato chips, but without more info, it's hard to make any suggestion.

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      Looking to dip vegetables. Not opposed to faux milchigs but the family isn't crazy about sour cream. I've made a good curry dip and tuna dip in the past, but am trying to come up with something different

    2. Hummus. White Bean Dip. Spicy red kidney bean dip. Baba ganoush, and variations on mashed, roasted or grilled eggplant.

      1. Green Tomato and Onion Jam, pumpkin and burnt sage tapenade, smoked fig and roasted garlic chutney, how about just a good old and ridiculously appropriate EVOO tasting with a playful collection of olive oils. If you don't have a wide variety at your fingertips, try any of the following to mix 'em up a bit, coarse sea salt, zaatar, any chopped herbs, crushed garlic, roasted or fried garlic even better, pesto, chimichurri, red curry, fruity vinaigrette, balsamic vinegar, truffle.... armed with some good crusty breads, and your crudite, you should be good to go.

        1. Is romesco sauce considered a dip? I'm planning on trying it for thanksgiving.

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            My sister and her husband make a bean dip...mashed or pureed canned pinto beans mixed with Ortega taco sauce to taste sometimes they add ground up canned hominy and cheese/ daiya and make it hot, serve with corn chips. Its so good.

          2. No. don't substitute frozen broccoli for frozen spinach. Preferably don't use either frozen except perhaps for steaming.