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Nov 23, 2013 06:41 PM

Left-handed can opener -- best one?

I am looking for a good left-handed can opener for a holiday gift for a family member. Her previous one bit the dust. Would appreciate any ideas from lefties who have ones that they like. Many thanks!

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  1. Now THIS is something that never even crossed my mind?? Using an everyday manual can opener by a leftie would be like trying to cut with RIGHT-handed scissors!?!

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    1. re: kseiverd

      Not at all.

      Any competent left hander can cut with right handed scissors just fine.

      Can openers? You'd have to be an invalid to not be able to use a "normal" one.

      Left handers aren't stupid you know.

      I've never even heard of a left handed can opener. Can't help, sorry.

      1. re: JayL

        Hi Jay,

        I'm a leftie, and you're right, we're not stupid, and we can (and all of us have) learned to use a standard opener. Our problem is that we're using our weaker hand for the handle turn, which is the part of the operation that (usually) requires the most strength.

        I'm not an invalid, but I long ago switched to an Oxo Good Grips unit because it was so hard to turn the others. The extra bulk made it easier. I can turn smaller things with my left hand, no problem.

        And yes, I CAN cut with right-handed scissors, but I can't see the cut I'm making, because visually, the cut is on the underside of the scissors. Try it and see what I mean. That can be a bit of an issue when precision is required, which is why my dressmaker shears are left-handed.

        1. re: DuffyH

          I'm not sure the dominant hand is that much stronger...or maybe it's just me.

          I'm a lefty also...

          1. re: JayL

            My right hand has always had a much weaker grip. Add a broken arm 5 years ago and it's completely pathetic now.

            1. re: DuffyH

              I have never noticed a difference...maybe it's just me.

    2. Get one of the top mount ones. I use a Kuhn Rikon.

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      1. re: rasputina

        Thanks for the specific information. Your suggestion is a good one.

      2. Another lefty that uses a regular can opener - no suggestions here.