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Nov 23, 2013 06:03 PM

Greenwood Smokehouse BBQ: opening soon at Pape & Danforth

Just read this at TheGridTO ( Will open in Slider Revolution's old space, 673 Danforth just east of Pape.

They have a website and Twitter/Facebook accounts which don't currently contain many details, and their Instagram contains a bunch of shots of homemade-looking bbq from the past few months.

If they know what they are doing, they will make a killing in this neighborhood. Anyone have any additional info?

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  1. I wondered the same thing.

    Would love to know more. As in, who's behind it, their background, etc.

    1. It's called Greenwood Smokehouse and it's at Pape? Well they are off to a great start already. I'd never use green wood for BBQ but maybe that's what is used. :-)

      Do you really think they would make a killing around here? I never knew we had smoke addicts in the hood. But didn't a smokehouse open recently?

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      1. re: foodyDudey

        Paul, of Paul and Sandy's fame uses green wood. I've seen it used before down south. Not common but is done.
        The pic's look great. I'm a bit curious, Carolina and Memphis style ribs?? Are they trying to do too much to please too many??


        1. re: foodyDudey

          In this case, methinks Greenwood=one word=street name (photos on their Facebook page of BBQ with tag "Smoking meat for my family at our home on Greenwood Ave. — at East York."), as opposed to green wood= two words=green wood.

          Can't wait to check it out.

          1. re: goodfoodandbeer

            Actually I assumed it was named after Greenwood Ave , but why call it Greenwood when located Pape? I had not seen the Facebook page when I posted.

            1. re: foodyDudey

              Dead End BBQ in Knoxville is not located on a dead end street. The name comes from the cookouts the owner had at his home.....on a dead end street.


          2. re: foodyDudey

            Couple things,

            I would imagine that the name is either after their home address or their recent trip to Greenwood Country South Carolina where a lot of their pictures are from. That would also justify why they do Carolina Style and Memphis Style, if they are trained in that county (which I know well) they would have been taught both styles, hell if they just drove through that county they would have had both styles.

            Lets say they were trained there for arguments sake, they wouldn't be using green wood for sure. That is more of a mid west thing, and it's usually green mesquite and there are very few people who do that, or do it well.

            Now I want to drive to my family in South Carolina, hang out on their porch, and eat freshly smoked oysters while we wait for the ribs to finish cooking, it's been too long.

            1. re: BusterRhino

              Your post makes me long for our family reunions on cape hatarus. Thanks, now I'm colder! :)

              1. re: BusterRhino

                They do Memphis style in Greenwood SC??


                1. re: Davwud

                  Yea, Davwud they do. Since MiM holds some pretty major BBQ comps in the area and most of the restaurant owners down there competed or still compete their definitely is a mix of Carolina and Memphis (and KCBS) in the area. But Memphis is definitely found in the area, actually memphis and kcbs are pretty much found everywhere now.

                  1. re: BusterRhino


                    Nothing other than N. Alabama BBQ and one Texas style where I go.


              2. re: foodyDudey

                the owner lives on greenwood so used that in his name of restaurant. close enough

              3. wait wait...
                a place with an amazing concept and name like "Slider Revolution" went out of business in less than 1 year?

                !Viva la Revolucion!"

                1. Some more info on this place and its Marky & Sparky connection..

                  From Post City Magazine:

                  Another new barbeque restaurant plans to open this next month, stacking itself against the plethora of current smokehouse options available in the city as of late. Greenwood Smokehouse BBQ is slated to open at 673 Danforth Ave. in early January, though owner Warren DeSimone has hopes of serving up smoked turkey and ham dinners around the holidays. DeSimone’s restaurant opens mere months after his brother’s own barbecue joint (Marky & Sparky’s Smokehouse) started business in the west end, and will serve a variety of North and South Carolina, Texas and Tennessee-inspired meats.

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                  1. re: pourboi

                    Are North and South Carolina really known for their BBQ?

                    1. re: hal2010

                      hell yes.

                      the question is: do Torontonians know their BBQ? Or do most of us equate ribs to what we get at Baton Rouge, Montanas and Swiss Chalet?

                      i'd suggest that most Torontonians think BBQ = sauce. dry rubs are still beyond what most of us appreciate. we need sauce and a tomato base. kind of silly, but that's why you'll see most bbq joints in this city using wet bbq vs dry bbq.


                      1. re: atomeyes

                        Oh my gosh I'm excited for this restaurant!! Decor looks really nice, hoping for the best!!

                        1. re: atomeyes

                          why wouldn't torontians know bbq? some love their swiss chalet like my 75 year old mother but the rest of us are well equipped to understand what bbq should be. let's give it a chance and the people of east danforth toronto a chance to try and like. who cares if they use wet vs/ dry if it's good let's patronize the restaurant and help out a mom and pop resto.

                        2. re: hal2010

                          Good god. Thank all that's holy you've an anonymous account- otherwise you'd have furious mobs from two states coming after you!

                          North Carolina, along with Memphis, Texas, and Kansas City, is in fact one of the generally-recognized major hubs for barbecue in the US. NC is all about the pork, bless them, mostly whole-hog. SC might not be a hub, per se, but they certainly know their way around a smoker. Was in the Charleston region this past summer and tried some Championship barbecue. It's a revelation.

                          Too bad Toronto doesn't do southern barbecue very well, IMO. It'd be fun to have the real deal from each of the Big 4 styles.

                          1. re: biggreenmatt

                            Right on. Alabama and Georgia also does great pork. There's a joint in Sebring Fla. that also has great pork and sausages. I've eaten at well over a hundred b.b.q. joints in the States, and the only outfit that comes close up here is Buster's joint.

                            1. re: TorontoTuna

                              What other BBQ places have you tried in Toronto? cuz a whole bunch have opened in the last year or so and I have not seen that you have commented on any of them. Like to know what they are "missing".

                            1. re: hal2010

                              As mentioned, they are known for cooking the whole pig (although there are regional variations focusing on the ribs or shoulder). The sauces also vary. There's vinegar and pepper, which is typical in North Carolina and parts of South. There's mustard, which is primarily the midlands of South Carolina. There's also the more widespread tomato-based sauce.

                              According to the menu, I see that there is the mustard-based pulled pork. I'm also hopeful about the Memphis-style dry ribs - hoping they will be like the version at Rendezvous.

                          2. Looks like they're opening in a few weeks (soft opening).

                            Very nice looking space. lots of wood. vintage lawn tools and stuff on the wall.

                            style will be a mix of different wet and dry bbq styles. will also have a vegan-friendly menu.

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                            1. re: atomeyes

                              I saw two people sitting at a table inside yesterday when I walked by, but didn't have time to step in. I had assumed that they were actually open.

                                1. re: atomeyes

                                  they opened last night and the ribs were terrific so were the sides. they had a problem with a water leak that delayed opening today. i'm looking forward to trying the wings

                                  1. re: shelovesfood

                                    Anyone else been yet? I just saw mention on BlogTO that they were opened so came here for reviews. Surprised there is only one so far.

                                    1. re: ylsf

                                      My wife and I ate there last night. She had the pulled pork sandwich and I had a stew made of brisket, chorizo, and olives. It all tasted good, but I am no expert on BBQ food. We each had a pint of draft, and the bill was $40 before tip.

                                      We'd probably go back again and order take-out.

                                      1. re: foodyDudey

                                        I see their sandwiches are served on a 'sesame bun'. Is this similar to Wonderbread, or does the bun have some texture?
                                        Hard to tell from your picture - and I don't see the promised slaw on it either.
                                        "Slathered with mustard sauce..topped with slaw" combined with 'wonderbread' is not an appetizing combination (IMO). Needs a sturdier bun (e.g. Portuguese) or toasted.

                                        1. re: estufarian

                                          "White trash" Wonder Bread bun is essential for a good BBQ pulled pork sammie, IMO...

                                          1. re: kwfoodiewannabe

                                            Then we agree to disagree.
                                            I love the buns at Black Camel - and I don't think I've seen a complaint (so far) that they're not serving Wonderbread style.
                                            Edited to add (after Michael N's comment below):
                                            I fail to understand why, generally, there are no (or few) objections to the use in Toronto (compared to the US styles)of different woods, different smokers, different smoking times, different cuts of meat (e.g. shoulder vs. whole hog) yet aficionados react fairly strongly to somebody serving 'real' bread as opposed to Wonderbread.
                                            I used the Black Camel example to show that pulled pork (which is the MAIN ingredient in the sandwich under discussion) can, indeed be served (and is served) on an alternative bun.
                                            I am happy to consume Toronto versions of 'iconic US dishes' - authenticity is irrelevant to me as long as it tastes good - but putting the meat in a tasteless surround that sticks to the roof of my mouth and dries up the saliva - the mechanism for extracting flavour, just doesn't interest me.
                                            If anyone (or everyone) prefers it that way - good luck and enjoy. But also give me the information I asked for so I can assess whether the place is even worth a visit.

                                            1. re: estufarian

                                              Black Camel is its own thing, and wouldn't be considered southern style BBQ.

                                              1. re: estufarian

                                                To each his own, estufarian. I completely understand your preference for a "good" bun. I have never had a Black Camel pulled pork, but I hear that all their sandwiches are great. But per Michael N's post below - they are not Southern BBQ. (nor are they trying to be?) For me, Southern BBQ is all about trailers and pits and "simple" eating, thus the wonder bun. That being said, I like "American style" griddled burgers (plain wonder bun is de rigueur, I understand) a la stockyards and Burgers Priest, but prefer a "gourmet" burger CHAR grilled with a crusty bun and some good REAL cheese (not processed). Just different strokes, I suppose...
                                                Re: Toronto's BBQ scene in general, I have tried very few places, and rely on the opinions of GTA locals on this board who lament the lack of good BBQ in their city. (though I would like to try Buster's someday) But we are lucky to have a few good places for Southern BBQ here in KW. None here get in to much detail re: cuts and woods used, though it would be interesting to know. I suspect for most people, it's about taste, so if they like the taste, they are not overly concerned with cooking details BTW... Lancaster Tavern and Hogtails BBQ are both worth a visit if you are a BBQ fan. But be forewarned, this is authentic Southern BBQ so don't be surprised to see a "wonder style" bun.

                                                1. re: kwfoodiewannabe

                                                  I deliberately ignored Burgers in my 'edited portion of the post' to stay (mostly) on topic.
                                                  I have the identical objection to Burger Buns and ignore most places (if anyone's counting, you'll see I never post on any of the multiple burger threads - it wouldn't add anything to the discussion to say "I hate all their buns"). So at least I'm consistent (my level of 'strangeness' is debatable).
                                                  You may also notice I didn't indicate any opinion on the 'southernness' of Greenwood Smokehouse BBQ - that was Michael N's addition. I'll be happy to give my opinion AFTER I've tried it. That's IF I do!

                                                  I tried hard not to make this personal - if you check my original (before editing) comments I think you'll see we 'mostly' agree.

                                                  Perhaps I erred in putting the edit in - rather than attempting to expand my original response I could have responded (with the same info) to Michael N. But it seemed (to me) there was potential for a complete sidebar on that old chestnut of 'what is Southern Style BBQ' - and surely we don't need another one of those (especially as I don't particularly care anyway - as long as it tastes good).
                                                  And I'll repeat what I said in another thread (fairly recently IIRC) - my current favourite pulled pork sandwich is the Lexington pulled pork at Stack - BUT I ask for toasted sourdough bread (offered as an alternative to the 'normal' bun) and for the sauce on the side (not on the sandwich) - and they're happy to adjust this for me.
                                                  So I'm a regular there.

                                                  1. re: estufarian

                                                    I just took my half of the pulled pork sandwich out of the refrigerator and tried it. It does not have much smoke flavour and in some parts, I could not detect any smokiness. It's OK but I know that at the superbowl party this weekend, one friend will bring some very good pulled pork sandwiches. I also was not crazy about that wonderbread bun, but maybe that is what is used for authentic southern BBQ . (I would have much preferred an ACE bakery sort of bun) The option for a side was fries or salad, and the menu says the sandwich is topped with Carolina slaw. There is some vegetation on top of the pork, but it appears to consist entirely of shredded iceberg lettuce. Perhaps that is what is referred to as slaw on the menu? It definitely does not look like the Carolina slaw in this recipe:

                                                    I wonder where Davud is when one of his areas of expertise is being discussed? :-)

                                                  1. re: kwfoodiewannabe

                                                    I don't fully agree (but close) with estu to give a +1.

                                                    However I do fully disagree with "White trash" Wonder Bread bun is essential for a good BBQ pulled pork sammie, IMO..." thus -1

                                                    1. re: justsayn

                                                      My apologies as my original post should have read:

                                                      "White trash" Wonder Bread bun is essential for a good AUTHENTIC SOUTHERN BBQ pulled pork sammie, IMO...

                                                      I have no doubt that a "good" pulled pork sandwich is possible without one. (as Black Camel fans will no doubt attest - I'll have to try one)

                                                      1. re: kwfoodiewannabe

                                                        I take offense to "White Trash Wonderbread" I am white trash and hate wonderbread, wouldn't eat it if you forced me. I would rather die.


                                                        Lets be honest folks, many southern BBQ joints (I have been to one at least, so I am an expert) don't all serve wonderbread. Many southerners think wonderbread sucks too. The big name ones in general do though because it's all about the meat. The thought process is something like this...

                                                        "Hey eat my meat, it's awesome, I am going to serve it on this cardboard as it won't detract from all that amazing smokey flavour with the wonderful sauce I produced to go on it" I would actually prefer (personally) that you didn't eat anything along with the meat we cook, it's perfect without a bun, although that's what my customers want. Unfortunately up here in yankee country we make awesome bread and most of our meat sucks, so we are used to this amazingly fresh bread we can get then we stack crappy cuts of meat on it and the bread makes the sandwich... in BBQ that isn't the way it should be.

                                                        In the end though, it's you, if you think your tastebuds will sing a song of six pence when you eat the meat on wonderbread, give er a go. If you think it needs a multi-grain traditional sour dough to make your mind shoot off fireworks, please make yourself happy.

                                                        This argument over bread is insane.

                                                        So is the argument over traditional southern BBQ, I have been to the odd BBQ competition and I can tell you from the incredibly limited training and time I have spent down south that I have never had 2 BBQ meals the same (even from the same person), so..... the rules are this simple. If it's cooked low and slow with hardwood or charcoal smoke ... it's Southern BBQ. Then it comes down to rubs, (if used) bastes (if used), finishing sauces (if used), bread (if used)... Do you get the idea?

                                                        I don't want to sound like a know it all, as every day I learn something new. I do know that there are some very good BBQ joints in Ontario, and by very good I mean could easily compete with the BBQ I have had down south. Shoot there are lots of Back Yard BBQ's who could compete with a lot of the competitors I know.

                                                        Do you like it, then eat it, doesn't matter what anyone says, even me.


                                                        Have a great Friday folks, visit your local BBQ joint, hug the man who spent the day smothered in smoke, he loves you, otherwise he wouldn't cook this amazing meat.

                                                        1. re: BusterRhino

                                                          What he said! :-)

                                                          I want good everything with my BBQ. I want good coleslaw, I want good mac & cheese, etc. Why wouldn't I also want a good bun? I'd rather forgo the Wonderbread bun if that's the only option.

                                                          1. re: BusterRhino

                                                            i agree with you. my god give the guy a chance!! he just opened and spent a tonne of $$ trying to make the neighbourhood a good neighourhood he's just a guy that needs our support.

                                                1. re: estufarian

                                                  my personal preference is ciabatta for bbq when i make at home. i do not prefer slaw inside either, much prefer on the side. and i sometimes melt in some emmental. definely not authentic, but tastes good to me.

                                                  as for wonder bread i love it with fried chicken. any other bread would compete with the textures of the chicken to me.

                                                  as for burger buns, i seem to like most on offer. each of the best burgers in the city use what they think is best, and mostly i am happy with their choices. burgers priest and p&l make burgers next door to each other and use very different buns, yet both are excellent sandwiches.

                                                  - khao san road

                                                  1. re: KhaoSanRoad

                                                    Great thoughts maybe you should open a Indian Burger place or a BBQ Joint on Queen St!

                                                    1. re: pourboi

                                                      why not a cupcake place? I hear those are hot!