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Carpaccio ?

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I'm looking for carpaccio and I have no idea where to find it. Any good ideas?


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  1. At a restaurant, or from a butcher? At a restaurant, honestly the Vietnamese do it really well, although there was an INCREDIBLE carpaccio at Alla Spina about a month ago - dry aged beef, yum. From a butcher, anyone in the Italian market, and any other Bircher I am sure

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      Good call, I wasn't even thinking of making it myself.

      Which vietnamese places do it? They usually have a raw beef salad. Although delicious, I'm really hoping for the traditional version.

    2. Sapori in Collingswood does a fairly good one.


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        Looks promising, thanks.

      2. I remember having a terrific beef carpaccio at Bistro Romano a few years ago.