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Nov 23, 2013 05:27 PM

How many people for Thanksgiving?

Curious because over the years I have traveled to join large groups, had simple ones with my husband and buffets as a child with my father. I will answer this years plans, later. Elaborations can include how long will they stay, how far will they travel, how many contribute (positively or negatively)?

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  1. 12 adults and 2 toddlers (only family). Traveling from FL, MA, and PA and Northern NJ to meet in South NJ. BF's Aunt & Uncle traditionally host. No one is expected to contribute. But we will bring some mixed nuts and chocolate covered cranberries, pseudo SIL will probably bring a dip or chocolate chip cookies, and pseudo MIL will probably bake a pie.

    Menu usually includes sausage stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey, two cranberry sauces ( fresh & canned), sweet potatoes, green beans (or another green veg), rolls, and pickled red cabbage. Dessert is two or three pies.

    1. 11. Me and my sister are cooking for our families... My dad did buy the ham.

      1. Every year is different for me, my family is far away so its all friends.
        Last year was at my very dear friend and her SO's apt, a group of 8 plus a toddler. Every couple brought a dish, i made a big salad with arugala, fennel, celery, dried figs, pomegranate, pumpkin seeds and a pumpkin seed oil vinegrette. I had traveled about 20 blocks, most others ahout the same.
        This year i will join a different group of friends, 9 of us total. When asked the hostess insisted i not bring anything- which means i will bring a nice bottle of champagne as well as a batch of my famous-among-my-friends quinoa granola as a gift. This year i will travel about 25 blocks, although other atendees are from the midwest as well as within 20-30blocks.

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          Quinoa granola sounds intriguing. Mind sharing the recipe?

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            Of course! I say "my" but I started from this recipe but made a lot of adjustments- note that the coconut oil is a MUST. My changes:
            No buckwheat, increased quinoa to 1 and 1/3c
            I changed the nuts i use, i always add 1/2c pistachios but keep the proprtion of nuts in the recipe the same.
            I use salted nuts or add a good pinch of salt
            I add a hefty grind of black pepper over everything


          1. Uh oh, math. Self, spouse, two young adult offspring, one's SO, mother in law, brother in law, nephew in law, nephew in law's SO, and aforesaid SO's mater. The first five are local. I have never met the nephew in law's SO's mater but understand she hails from Napa. Everyone else is, I am pretty sure, from Trafalmador.