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Nov 23, 2013 04:26 PM

Old Port Restaurant near skating and fireworks?

Hello, i'm visiting your beautiful city during the holidays. I'd like to do a fun filled evening starting with skating in the Old Port area, dinner nearby, then watching the special fireworks in the evening.

Few questions:
- where's the location that I'd rent skates? (this would help me figure out where to eat nearby)
- any restuarant recommendations near the skate rental? Reservations is a must, quiet to medium ambience, entrees less than $30, BYOW is bonus but not a must
- where's the best place to catch fireworks? Or is anywhere along the Old Port area a good view?

Thank you!

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  1. The skating is at the "Bassin Bonsecours"; you can rent skates there (I thknk so); depeding where the fireworks are shot from, this should also be a nice place to watch the FW.

    As for the food: (I've not eaten at those yet)
    Communion (135 Rue de la Commune Ouest)
    Bocata (310 Rue Saint Paul Ouest)

    They are both 5 minutes from the skating rink.


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    1. re: Maximilien

      Yes, there are skates for rent at the skating rink.

    2. This question is a really hard one because most of the fun restaurants are quite loud and boisterous, think Mechand boeuf or Holder so will go out on a limb and recommend The Keg or Tokyo sushi bar. They are predictable with quiet to medium ambience, I think? Usually less expensive restaurants are loud and rowdy and the fine dining restaurants are quiet. I think if you want byob you will have to jump into a taxi.