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Nov 23, 2013 03:12 PM

Dino's on Main Asbury Park?

Anyone been to this new Italian Marketplace? Went by today and it seemed to have lots of customers. Hope to try it this week.

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  1. Well, I stopped in today. Lots of cold cuts, cheeses, etc. mainly Boars Head (I prefer Thuman).

    But, .I am primarily interested in prepared foods. They were sparse in that regard. I bought Chicken Francaise and Lasagna. Both had issues...Lasagna had all the components but they weren't spread evenly and it because of that it was dry. Chicken also didn't suit me since it had much too much lemon.

    There was a large empty case which looked as though it will hold pastries.

    It was disappointing since I was hoping for something like Joe Leones in Pt. Pleasant or Drew's Market in Spring Lake Hgts.

    I'll probably try again after they are open longer.

    1. We stopped by Sunday afternoon as well. Just looked, didn't buy anything. Nothing jumped out at me and it seemed they didn't have a lot of prepared items. I may go back but I tend to go to the Speakeatery

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          1. Just had lunch. Hands down! The best sandwich since Piancones Italian Specialty Shop in BB. You have to try it.