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Nov 23, 2013 02:41 PM

Challah gift certificate/delivery in Jerusalem?

I have a relative who lives in Jerusalem. For a gift, I'd really love to find a bakery that would deliver fresh baked (delicious) challahs every week (Friday, preferably, of course) by arrangement. Or a place where I could get her a gift certificate that would cover a good period of this. I would hope to find something that wouldn't be outrageously expensive per week/challah- even if it is relatively expensive overall.

I was able to find a place where this could be done, online, but for regular delivery, it would be very, very costly to do. It doesn't seem to me that this should be such a difficult, or unheard-of, thing, and so shouldn't be sooo expensive, but we don't speak Hebrew, so I'd need to find someplace that can communicate in English. And of course, it needs to be kosher...any ideas/help?

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  1. Herby's Bakeshop will deliver challah to an address in Jerusalem for what seems to be a reasonable price. See the list below, which includes phone #s & email address -- they speak English.
    They are OU mehadrin and mehadrin of mate Binyamin.

    The product Description Price
    Challot Sweet challah\raisin 11\12
    Sweet fancy\raisin 16\17
    Sweet round\raisin 19\20
    Sweet whole wheat challah\raisin 13\14
    Sweet whole wheat fancy \raisin 18\19
    Sweet whole wheat round\raisin 23\24
    Non sweet whole wheat challah\raisin 13\14
    Whole wheat rolls (2 in a pack) 8
    Cookies White: chocolate chip, Mocha chocolate chip, Chocolate chip sugar, Chocolate white chip, Ginger bread
    Whole wheat: Chocolate chip, Mandelbread, Oatmeal raisin
    Whole wheat no sugar: Apple, Blueberry, Chocolate, Date bars. Health bars, Oatmeal raisin 19
    Gluten Free Macaroons: with sugar\ sugarless 18\23
    Cakes White flour: Apple, Carrot , Chocolate, Banana 19
    Whole wheat flour: Apple, Carrot , Chocolate, Banana 25
    Cinnamon rolls, fruit rolls, Brownies 17
    Pies: Apple, Blueberry, Cherry\ Ww pies: Apple, Blueberry. 28\35
    Donuts Regular\ Chocolate\Cinnamon\ Blueberry. Pack of 6 for 25

    • We take orders until Wednesday at 9:00 PM.
    • Delivery is 15 NIS. Free delivery from 100 NIS or a standing order of 80 NIS.
    • For information please call: Herby: 050-9836429  Avi: 052-3622356  E-mail:

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      I don't know if Herby still lives in Beit El, but he used to be a neighbor of close friends of mine, and they would always buy his brownies, which were really tasty. (They probably bought other things, but the brownies stand out in my mind.) This goes back close to 20 years, so I can't say much about now (they no longer live there, so I haven't had his stuff in years), but I imagine they're still as good.

      1. re: queenscook

        He's still in Beit El, apparently. I've never had his baked goods, but after looking up his info to respond to OP, I'd like to try them.