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South End bars with a tv

Is there or can we get a list of restaurants in the South End that have TVs at the bar? When wanting to dine solo this can be a nice to have

I know of:
Parrish cafe

Where else?

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    1. re: C. Hamster

      Yelp has "Has TV" as a very helpful search option. They now also allow you to search for places open at a certain time (not just open now). Great for finding somewhere open late on a weeknight (and still open after 10 if it's 9:50). Now if they'll just separate out Kitchen open so that you can tell if bars open until 1 are still serving food.

    2. Here's an idea... talk to the other people at the bar!

      1. And, I would like a list to put on my places to avoid list. I think you would be better at asking for places that don't have TV because it would be a shorter list.

        No TV at Hamersley's and Coppa which is a plus for me.


        1. Coda has a TV or two at the bar.
          Gallows as well.

          1. Nothing wrong with talking to a stranger from time to time - but sometimes you just want to literally watch a game with zero interaction

            1. Also with:

              J.J. Foley's Cafe
              Oishii Boston
              Red Fez
              South End Buttery
              Parish Cafe


              1. Five horses (Place that replaced Columbus Cafe)
                Darrells Corner Bar

                Also come to mind for me....

                1. Also should note that the Delux Cafe has a TV, but by owner fiat can be tuned to nothing but the Cartoon Network.


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                    1. re: bostonfoodz

                      Did that deal go through? I'd heard that the bruited new owner was going to close briefly for some renovations, but I have not noticed that happening yet.