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Nov 23, 2013 02:20 PM

Can I substitute Gochujang for Thai Chili Paste?

Planning to make Thai Red Curry Shrimp, all I have is gochujang paste. Can I sub it for the Thai chili paste?

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  1. Sure. Same, same, but different.

    1. Not and end up with a Thai Curry.
      The two are very different Animals the only ingredient they share is Red Chilies.
      Gochujang Is sweet and fermented neither of which a Thai Curry Paste is.

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      1. re: chefj

        I concur. They are very different and not interchangeable.

      2. No.

        You can do anything you want but if you are asking whether they are appropriate subs, the answer is no.

        They don't taste anything alike.

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        1. re: C. Hamster

          Would the dish work using it, even if they don't taste alike? I was thinking since the Thai dish calls for adding sugar, it might work and still be tasty. I searched and found this - still sounds good. http://www.flickr.com/photos/craiglyo...

          1. re: michele cindy

            The only things they have in common are that they are hot Asian condiments.

            They don't taste anything alike, so they aren't substitutes for each other .

            But you can sub if you want, but then you could also sub hoisin sauce, oyster sauce or ketchup if taste isn't an issue.

            1. re: C. Hamster

              Thanks C. Hamster. That was a great analogy. Got it - I will buy some Thai chili paste! I would love to make it homemade but lack the time.

              1. re: michele cindy

                I'm happy that you have gochujang on hand! :-)

            2. re: michele cindy

              In addition to not being fermented, and obviously made with different chiles, Thai red curry paste has a lot of additional flavorings/aromatics lacking in gochujang. Gochujang alone would taste like hot pepper in coconut milk - and not much else. If you have the additional seasonings the recipe you linked uses, that would make up for it to some extent, though I don't think it will taste like a curry made with a properly-Thai curry paste.

              1. re: MikeG

                Was the OP asking about Thai curry paste or chili paste? It wasn't clear to me.

                1. re: ChristinaMason

                  I wondered the same thing after I replied, but decided that since the OP was making a Thai Curry as the end product he/she must have meant Curry Paste.

                  1. re: chefj

                    Correct - I am going to cook Thai Red Curry Shrimp. I bought the Thai Curry Paste did not want to chance it. you know shrimp are not cheap :) -

                    Thanks for all the info. Now what do you like to do with the gochujang? I've used it mostly as a condiment, like you would ketchup, any favorite uses?

                    1. re: michele cindy

                      Usually eat it with Korean Rice Dishes (Dolsot Bibimbop) but also will sub it in for Part of the Ketchup in American Meatloaf, Added to Meatballs ,Grilled Meat Marinades, Mix with Ketchup for French Fries, Korean Cocktail Sauce........
                      Ddeokbokki Spicy Rice Cakes
                      DakDoriTang Spicy Chicken and Potato Stew
                      Bibim Nengmyun Gochujang Buckwheat Noodles

          2. It was delicious! Thanks for steering me in the right direction.