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Nov 23, 2013 02:03 PM

East Europe Deli a Must: Domino. Boars Head no more.

Domino is an East European, mainly Russian, deli, located on Kings Highway, between Ocean Avenue and the Q Train.

(Domino Supermarket - Midwood 1824 Kings Hwy btwn 19th and 18th St )

In my opposition to market dominance by huge entities that become ubiquitous, and actually monopolistic, I fortify my case with the sheer quality disparity between the alternative and the monolith.

Boars Head, in the 1990s, I began to patronize establishments that sold other than the rising Boars Head. To my satisfaction, sometimes, and other times, the disparity of quality was minimal.

In metropolitan areas, this is easy, that is finding the quality that is absent from the major brand, that with capital blitzes, the market. One only needs to find ethnic specific meat delis, such as Jewish, German, Russain, Polish, etc.

Such capital heavy marketing is translated into perks that get retailers to side with one vendor over others, thus subverting free enterprise. Things such as free coolers, and refrigeration kits, promotional discounts to retailers, etc. are ways that garbage, to mediocre products become monopoly.

example: Snapples and Arizona: water plus high fructose corn syrup, with hints of particular tastes such as berries, and colorful packaging and a trendy name. These items serve to homogenize the market, posing as alternatives to (sugar base) soda and carbonated drinks.

This causes a downgrade in the ability of the consumers as a group to understand quality.

I recommend Domino. The meats are of a variety that is absent in the supermarkets, and rage from slabs of what bacon is cut from, but in a ham-esque style, to Italian meats. There Eastern Eurpoean meats are range from goose to head cheese.

They have prepared dishes, that represent cuisines of Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, etc. The prices on all these items are far better than the Gourmet Deli's.

Brighten Beach has some that become quite busy, so avoid the shopping rush and go to Midwood.

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  1. "In my opposition to market dominance by huge entities that become ubiquitous, and actually monopolistic, I fortify my case with the sheer quality disparity between the alternative and the monolith."

    As opposed to the massive giant breweries churning out swill and attempting to reduce the consumption of real ale and lager?

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    1. re: MVNYC

      One can apply such a tract in your quote, to brewing of beer. Yes.

      Snapples, is water fortified with high fructose corn syrup. Anything beyond this, is so minimal, and is presented as a sign, such as word 'berry' 'apple' then a hint of such may be added, in process of mixing the syrup with water, before the all most important label, with colors and the sold idea that "you are not drinking soda, this is more natural' .

      As for Bud, well, I did see an article (as of yet to read) in the NYT about advertising on sports programming and 'dark ages' in the title.

      I used to get Budvar in other locations exterior to US territory. Now the history of why it is not sold here as its true name is a case in point about domination, and reduction (of quality).


    2. Good to know. Will check it out thanks

      1. Domino is pretty special. However, as usual for a Russian market the service for non Russian speakers is kinda short n gruff.

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        1. re: MOREKASHA

          This is inconsequential to my acquisition of the products that they prepare and sell, or their retail line.

          It is inconsequential to the pleasures I am overcome by when being within the confines of such a place, devoid of the pale and banal, or even overly contrived and dubiously presented representations found within our own American food retail stores. Such criticism of domestic manifestations of food retail is not all inclusive, by any means, of such, just generally speaking.

          They are quite friendly, and helpful, the staff at Domino that is.