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Nov 23, 2013 01:38 PM

What to accompany my Thanksgiving porchetta?

From Austin's Dai Due, I purchased a:
Porchetta - A Black Hill Ranch pork loin, cut so the belly remains attached, which is then brined, then stuffed with rosemary, fennel fronds, elephant garlic, black pepper and olive oil, then rolled and tied.

Cooking instructions:
"Slow roast this amazing cut, then rest well and slice, making sure to save the delicious perfumed drippings for cooking potatoes or greens."

If you had porchetta as your Thanksgiving entree, what would you make to go with it? (and a guest also as a seafood allergy)

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  1. I'm hoping to purchase one for christmas if it's still on their rotation. I'm planning to serve it with scalloped potatoes (with lots of butter and heavy cream) and spinach sauteed in duck fat with garlic and tomatoes.

    I think a savory sweet potato dish would pair nicely. Brussel sprouts too if you're wanting some tradition.

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      I second all of these ideas. Plus, since it's Thanksgiving, I would add stuffing (dressing). I need to do a porchetta Thanksgiving next year!

    2. There's no reason to reinvent the wheel...traditional sides for thanksgiving, pork and turkey...all pair well with each other. So the usual suspects would be fine for me....but if you want to keep an Italian theme...Broccoli Rabe or Fennel.

      I would do any combination of an apple, pommegranite & cranberry chutney.....or an onion chutney.....maybe apple or pears pan sauteed in butter. Simple and rustic.

      1. I'm always leery of pre-seasoned meats, since you don't really know how they will taste. Based on the description given and the fact that it is Thanksgiving, maybe tie it back to the season and tradition with a pan of roasted root vegetables. New or fingerling potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips, parsnips, carrots, beets, etc...onions, and garlic, with fresh rosemary, thyme and olive oil. Also a basic steamed green veggie like green beans or snap peas, or maybe fresh spinach. A Panzanella salad would be a nice nod to the traditional turkey stuffing/dressing and I think fresh tomatoes would complement the Porchetta.

        I like Ina's recipe:

        1. We are also doing Porchetta. Mom is bringing cornbread stuffing, we are doing Navy beans with Spanish chorizo, bread crumbs toasted in the chorizo pan, along with Mac and Cheese, green salad, and Brussel Sprouts. Enjoy!

          1. A crunchy strong flavored veg would be a nice contrast. Something like this one with celery:

            Or this one with fennel:

            A rich and creamy onion chestnut side like this one would be nice:

            As well as your favorite potato side and if you have a large crowd a side of dressing.