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Nov 23, 2013 12:44 PM

Recent experiences at Peche, Tivoli & Lee and Rio Mar?

Hi friends,

So excited that my 8 day, 8 lb trip begins later this weekend -- and hints are there may even be some chowhounder guest appearances?

Anyhow, back to business-- I wanted to get your update opinions on these three that are still somewhat flexible in my itinerary: Peche (dinner), Tivoli & Lee (HH) and Rio Mar (HH or dinner) and any up/down advice on current menu items. I am NOT choosing between these three but rather just wanted to get any updates from recent visits.

I gather having the whole fish at Peche is something of a must.

Thanks, in advance!

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  1. Here she comes!

    Peche: I literally go just to get the smoked tuna dip, usually a double order. Nothing fancy...but so delicious! Served simply with saltines. I get that and split the whole fish, or a different entree special if it sounds more interesting/tasty. Good beer and wine selection. Some find it too noisy, I don't particularly mind it..not going for intimate conversation!

    Tivoli & Lee: never been per se, but have had samples of their dishes at various outside events. Always good. They are behind the bar food at Bellocq, the bar run by the Cure guys, also located in the Hotel Modern with Tivoli and Lee. So consider that for a cocktail spot/bar noshes.

    RioMar: still as solid as ever.

    I'm going to be watching your posts/checking your schedule. Never know when you could have a sanglier sighting (yes, my pen name only, no involvement with the winery). Have fun! (Of course you will!)

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      Oh goody. So nice to hear from you and I feel quite welcomed... well before my (delayed) flight has even taken off. [Hope the wine is Ok!]

      Thanks for the feedback/reassurance!

      ~Smoked tuna dip double order & whole fish it is @ Peche, Tuesday 7ish. I am very excited about it; noise not a problem. Still don't know if all the young adult children in our party will have arrived.

      ~Hoping to keep the Rio Mar for 6 pm happy hour tastings (at a minimum) for Friday, but that may change. We will have done the cruiser bike tour that afternoon (although sadly NOT the cocktail ride) and it may be hard to corral the gang post-ride. If, not I will re-schedule it for later in the trip.

      ~ Tivoli & Lee is a target for bar food/HH on Saturday evening, so that is good to know. I have done Bellocq, but not Cure. Alternatively we may head over to Ye Olde College Inn, if we decide to go to Rock N Bowl.

      ~The two that are "absolutes" (is anything?) for the larger group: Coquette Wed & La Petite Grocery brunch on Saturday.
      I am going to try to do mini-trip reports/reviews once we get on the eating bandwagon, tomorrow.

      Except for Coquette all of these are new for me -- so I it should be a great adventure. Hubby understands this is my beloved hobby, so he is cool.