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Nov 23, 2013 12:41 PM

Looking for Pareve Corn Muffins

Looking for Pareve Corn Muffins for Thanksgiving. Tried my local kosher grocery store - no dice. Anyone have any ideas?

I guess we'll likely have to make them ourselves but I thought surely someone would sell them?

Can't even find a pre-made pareve corn muffin mix (all of them already are dairy). What am I missing?

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  1. Where are you? In Chicago Breadsmith I know has pareve corn muffins -

    1. Yes, for some reason most corn muffin mixes are dairy. How about looking in a store that caters to vegetarians, or one with mostly organic products. It may be easier to find them there. Hodgson Mills does make a parve mix.

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        Corn bread/muffins are pretty easy and very quick to make. Wonderful stuff, but, IMHO only worth eating if you use stoneground cornmeal.

      2. I have no trouble finding parve corn muffins in kosher stores, but I guess it depends where where you are. I have tried using them for a quick stuffing but they are too sweet for me. I prefer to bake my own corn bread for that.

        1. The answer is surely there before you. Don't look for parve corn muffins in the cake and brownie area, instead check out your Latin food section and pick up corn meal. A box standard recipe for corn bread is traditionally printed on every bag. My only suggestions would be the any of the following additions, grilled corn bits, grilled poblano, jalepeno, baked pumpkin or butternut squash bits, the go to town. As an additional idea, the crew in my kitchen often use the crusty ends of our corn bread stashes to make stuffin' muffins, so that every body gets equal amounts of the crunchy bits. Very cool and would be great at a holiday or Shabbas meal!

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            I'd love to know how you make the stuffin muffins. Tried it once and they fell apart! Making "thanksgiving" for next Shabbat dinner

            1. re: cheesecake17

              Use a cornbread recipe with a 1:1 ratio cornmeal:wheat flour

              1. re: AdinaA

                It's not the cornmeal that crumbles, the it's the whole "muffin"

                1. re: cheesecake17

                  Yes. It's the proportion of flour. All or mostly cornmeal muffins crumble. Half and half gives you corn flavor with a more bread-like crumb. Yeast-rising a half-corn/half flour dough gives an even less crumbly bread. But I admit that I don't use a cornbread stuffing, I just like cornbread. Though I don't care for store-bought corn muffins.

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                    Checked my recipe. It uses 1:1. It's not the corn muffins that crumble, it's the stuffing muffins. (Cubed cornbread + other ingredients+ egg baked in a muffin tin)

          2. I think Dr. Otker makes a parve mix