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skin-on pork belly?

I'd like to make a porchetta for thanksgiving- but I'm having trouble finding a butcher or meat market that sells pork belly with the skin still on.... anyone have any tips?

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  1. sun foods on University I think

    1. Shuang Hur (Nicollet and 27th) sells it. I buy it regularly because I make my own bacon.

      But their belly isn't always the freshest. You might call and ask when it's delivered, but the level of service there isn't, well, the best.

      1. Como Meat in Hmongtown International Marketplace (towards the back of the building on the right as you enter) should have it, and their products usually seem quite fresh. They've been very friendly and helpful any time I've interacted with them. Pick up some sausages while you're there.

        Low-activity facebook site, but the basic info is there:

        1. Thanks for the tips everyone- I tried Shuang Hur on University and was able to get a 6lb slab of belly with the rind. Browned and crackling Thanksgiving porchetta, here I come!

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            Maybe you'd like to share how you do that. :-)

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              That sounds like a delicious thing to know how to do -- lilips, can you post the info on the Home Cooking board and link to it from here so that cooks from everywhere will get a chance to see it? Thanks!

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                My porchetta research has landed recipes all over the map- cooking times, temperatures, ingredients, etc... I'm going with intuition on this one- flavors I know will be delicious, and basic roasting guidelines with extra care taken to get the skin perfectly crackable. I'll make sure to catalog my steps and take a few pictures, then I'll post it to the Home Cooking Board.

          2. For future reference, United Noodle has pork belly and if asked, they'd probably cut or not to whatever size a person needed.

            1. FYI: Ha Tien on University Avenue also has it. Wonderful store, newly rehab'd lovely bbq and deli and GREAT prices.

              plus it doesn't smell (why does Sun Foods smell bad, anyways?)

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                I've noticed what I have come to think of as "southeast asian grocery store armoa" at Sun Foods, Dragon Star and Shuang Hur.

                The one grocery carrying specializing in chinese and vietnamese items that I recall not noticing this unenticing aroma is United Noodle. I don't think I've noticed it in Korean grocery stores either.

                Right or wrong, I attribute it to poorly maintained seafood and maybe meat counters.

                I talked to a friend from Malaysia and he said it's the smell of a "wet market" and nobody likes it.

              2. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9263...

                I just posted my process for my thanksgiving porchetta. It was a success!

                1. FYI, the U of M Meat Lab has porketta this week. From their Facebook page-

                  Meat of the Week!

                  This week's meat of the week is Boneless Porketta Roast! Our Porketta Roast is a pork butt, seasoned with our special Italian blend of seasonings. They are a great way to spice up any holiday meal! Boneless Porketta Roasts will be available in the meat and dairy salesroom this Wednesday from 2-5pm. They are $3.99/lb.