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Nov 23, 2013 10:34 AM

Self-cleaning gas oven -- can I add grates from stovetop when I clean this way?

Will something bad happen if I put them in the oven and let them go through the cleaning? The grates are black iron, a Sears stove.

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  1. What are they made of?

    Mine are cast iron

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    1. If they are uncoated cast iron and have seasoning at all that would be gone. If they are coated with a finish or enamel it might damage it by the heat or heating and cooling.

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        Hmm, they are shiny black, but of course they sit in flame when I cook on the stovetop. I wonder if they would get any hotter in the oven.

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            Self clean cycles in home use ovens typically run in the 1000~1200 degree range. It is highly unlikely your stove top will get close to that temperature range from normal burners. Keep in mind the heat at the tip of a nice blue flame is not what 'touches' the grate.

            If you have enameled grates, which it sounds like you do, the metal should be fine if it's cast but the enameled finish will probably be very dull and could possibly craze in such a harsh thermal cycle. If it is a stamped grate - DO NOT SELF CLEAN IN THE OVEN.

        1. I would read the owners manual. Our manual specifically says not to do that, but the dishwasher is okay. I didn't bother to find out why it shouldn't be done.