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Nov 23, 2013 09:04 AM

Trip Report-Butcher, Stella!, Drago's, Pelican Club, Galatoire's and more

Arrived Saturday around noon for our yearly meeting. Only room ready at Hotel Monteleone was an interior one, so I decided to wait for a better room. Checked my bags in and headed out for a walk.
Line was out the door at Cochon Butcher, but I was in no hurry. Went fairly quickly. Decided what better way to start the trip than with a Muffaletta. Found a seat right next to the register and settled in. Muffaletta was excellent, great fresh roll. Side of brussel sprouts was excellent as well.
Ended up going back there again the next two days. Had a breakfast sandwich on Sunday when they opened at 10 (no line), bacon, egg, arugula, tomato and cheddar cheese, yum. Next day went a little later, skipped breakfast and had an early lunch of duck pastrami sliders (ok, too much bread for me) and mac and cheese (very tasty, but filling). I really appreciate the care they take with every ingredient, my kind of place!
More to come..

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  1. Saturday night had our alumni function at the hotel at 5, had several cocktails and some snacks. Dinner was scheduled at 8:30 at Stella! with some of our staff, so had a couple of drinks at the Carousel Bar in between.
    Although the food at Stella! wasn't bad, it really isn't what I'm looking for when I'm in New Orleans. I was kinda buzzed by that point, but I think I had the celery root appetizer (bland), octopus, then fish for the main. Can't really remember much detail, not impressed.
    After my late breakfast at Butcher Sunday, had a late lunch at the NO branch of Drago's, a dozen chargrilled oysters, excellent!
    Sunday night, joined a colleague from residency days and his wife for dinner. Only about a 1/2 hour wait for a table at Mr B's. Now we're talking! Had a baked oyster special for starter, BBQ shrimp and pecan pie.
    Walked over with a different colleague to Frenchman street and had a great time at the Spotted Cat, much more my speed than Bourbon Street.
    To be continued...

    1. Monday had a mid-afternoon coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde to hold me over till dinner.
      Met some colleagues at The Pelican Club, had never dined there. Thought the atmosphere, service and food were excellent.
      Amazing gumbo to start, shared a few salads, quail with foie starter, fish with crabmeat main and pecan pie. Would definitely go back.
      Walked by Mother's Tuesday morning, intending to have some breakfast, but couldn't do it. Decided I deserved more of a treat. Walked across the street to The Windsor Court, one of my favorite hotels anywhere.
      Had the Windsor Court Benedict, grits "biscuit" with andouille sausage and a perfectly poached egg and spicy hollandaise (they weren't kidding). Had stayed there our previous two trips and in comparison, the room at the Monteleone was a real disappointment (although much cheaper).
      Almost done....

      1. Had to check out of my hotel by 1:30 and didn't have to leave for the airport until after 4. My wife was originally planning on coming on the trip and this was our time to play, but she cancelled on me a few days prior. Tried to get on an earlier flight, but was unable.
        Decided to continue the decadence so I walked over to Galatoire's around 1:30. Had only been there once, sat upstairs and ordered off the menu, which was overwhelming.
        This time I decided to rely more on my waiter. I told him what I liked and told him to order for me. Great move, he started me with a brochette of oysters wrapped in bacon and deep fried. Totally amazing, light crispy batter. Second course was lightly blackened gulf fish with a topping of shrimp and crabmeat. Very happy.
        Spend the rest of the afternoon wandering around the quarter to get some gifts for the girls and got a 1/2 Muffaletta from Central Grocery to eat on the plane.
        Overall, except for Stella!, I felt like I wasted no meals. Can't wait to go back.

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          Nice review.
          Thanks for the tip on the Windsor Court breakfast. We'll be spending the weekend at the Roosevelt and have our meals laid out but usually head home early Sunday. While my Sunday breakfasts are good I've been wanting something different and the Windsor Court breakfast is calling me

          1. re: collardman

            Ditto. We will be at our "home in New Orleans" The Roosevelt in a couple of weeks. I have fairly mapped out our annual dining options, but Windsor Court would be a new one for us.

            Has anyone tried the brunch at the newly repurposed Fountain Lounge?

            1. re: collardman

              We have done the breakfast at Windsor Court several times, whether staying there, or not. We have never been disappointed.



            2. re: saeyedoc

              Very nice report; thanks for all the good details & glad you treated yourself!