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Nov 23, 2013 08:09 AM

Critique our Rome / Tuscany Restaurant Choices?


My wife and I will be in Rome and Tuscany in early December. Here are our dining plans - any critiques are welcome, particularly suggestions about substitutions. Trying for a diversity of experiences. Many thanks!

Reservations in Rome: Roscioli, Trattoria da Danillo, and Piperno al Rex

Our other considerations and reasons for passing:

Armando al Pantheon - da Danillo sounded better / more unique despite better location of Armando near the Pantheon.

Glass - we love modern cuisine but can get a similar experience in any large city?

Cesare al Casaletto - too far away from the center / not worth the trip after a full day of touring?

Tuscany: Il Leccio, I Tre Cristi, and Dardano

Thanks again.

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  1. And honestly, I've been obsessing about this a bit. We only have three dinners in Rome, and we want them to be perfect… At some pint we just need to be comfortable with our choices, right?

    1. I'd actually choose Armando over Danilo. Much better food.

      I'm not a huge fan of Roscioli, but others love it to death. The food is good, but the service can be off putting.

      I love Glass. No, it's not at all like something you'd get in any other big city.

      Yes, Cesare is a bit far out after a full day of touring.

      1. Definitely armando over danilo.mthere is nothing unique about danilo and food is better at armando.
        Glass is modern cuisine, but so is pipero al rex....?
        Cesare is great and worth the 20min ride - but if you feel it won't be worth it, then best to leave it out - nobreason to go somewhere with negative feelings!
        Roscioli has good food and service can be very good or very bad, a gamble.

        1. Very helpful, thank you, especially Armando over Danilo. Location is a winner too. Think we'll simply make that substitution and have three different / unique experiences.

          Lunches will be opportunistic, but def. plan to make it up to Pizzarium.

          Do I dare ask...Piperno al Rex or Glass???

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            I would choose Pipero (NOT Piperno, which I also like, but it's a different place) over Glass a million times over.

            Armando is definitely better than Danilo, which is not worth its inexplicably high prices. I haven't been to Armando in a while. Is it really THAT good?

            Cesare is about 25 minutes from Piazza Venezia, but it is very easy to get there. You just sit on the tram and ride to the end. That said, I'm not one of its biggest fans. It's fine if the trip is easy, but if I had to travel far to reach the tram, I wouldn't bother.

            Roscioli has good food, but the whole scene and cramped quarters annoy me.

          2. From the perspective of the American Turista:

            Roscioli: Totally blown away by some of the items. However, my understanding, and correct me locals if I'm wrong but tables for 2 are mostly in the front where its not the most pleasant.

            Cesare al Casaletto - The 20 min ride also means pretty much no tourists in sight (oh those pesky tourists!). It adds a little something to the experience, to me at least. And the food is great

            Our top 10 Bites:

            What about Metamorfosi as another one to consider. I know when I go back (without kids) that would be on top of the list for me

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              Thank you! Now to get reservations...