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Nov 23, 2013 07:21 AM


I am in the Cambridge/Somerville area and in my yearly search for fresh masa for christmas tamales. Any leads are helpful. Photo is of dry masa I am looking for the kind of masa that is moist needs to be refrigerated. We used this kind growing up in Az but I never knew what it is officially called (in Spanish or English) we always just called it masa it wasn't till I moved to Massachusetts that I found only the dry masa was available.

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  1. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be a known source in the area. La Nina Tortilleria in Everett has said for a while that they will return to doing retail, but it doesn't appear that they've followed through. Might be worth a call.

    You could give Tesoro Supermarket a call if you are willing to drive to Framingham. They used to sell fresh masa.

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      Oh well. I called Tesoro and they do not sell fresh masa. Bummer. Hopefully Nina's will come through on the retail soon!

    2. many of us have been looking for moist masa for years. without success...I didn't make it to La Nina before they stopped retail.

      I have made my own using products from Anson mills in SC...they include the lime you need to soak the whole hominy. It is a laborious process but was so delicious! But when you add it to the labor of tamale making, impractical even for me!

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        Oh wow really that does sour both delicious and very laborious you are right. As a kid every one in the family had a different job to make hundreds of tamales but now it is just me, my husband and a baby we are lucky to get a few dozen in the freezer

      2. I just bought the dry kind at Market Basket in Burlington. Pretty sure you can use that for tamales if you can't find the moist stuff. You'll just need some lard. Maybe a lot of lard, but it's for Christmas, right?

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          oh yes I have perfected the recipe for dry masa over the years.
          But I think I wanted to taste the kind I had as a child again, you know how it is.

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              Oh, I do. I've reconciled myself to never tasting certain things again!

          1. as I was walking by Magoun Square today, I checked all the little groceries there and Modelo. I found the stuff you photo'd above, but nothing moist or refrigerated.

            1. 10, since the tortilla makers at La Verdad taqueria are always happy to sell me tortillas, i bet you could buy masa dough from them. if they haven't sold it before, you could talk to their manager for a price. you might also try any restnt that makes their own tamales.