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Nov 23, 2013 05:55 AM

Outsourcing dinner

I have about 10 family members coming for a casual dinner on Black Friday and I don't have time to cook. It will be enough work for us just to get our apartment in order. Any suggestions on where I can pre order a lasagna or something I won't have to cook that isn't turkey? Whole Foods? Amish Market?

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  1. Yes to either of those markets. I would suggest fresh direct, they have a huge selection of decent heat and eat entrees, as well as desserts and wine that you could have delivered that morning:

    1. fresh direct's prepared foods are much better than whole foods, in my experience. the latter is not bad, but I've never had anything really notable. seasoning is lacking, veggies are overcooked...

      1. If you're looking for lasagna in particular (or perhaps even something like ravioli), you could not a lot worse than Circo in Midtown.

        Not spectacular, but solid food, with competent delivery and setup.

        1. I would order a couple trays from my Uncle Paul in Astoria

          1. You should be able to order from DiPalo and I can almost guarantee theirs will trump WF version.