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Nov 23, 2013 01:37 AM

R.I.P. Famous No-Name Farmstand

For all of us who cherished the nameless farm stand on Smith Road in Lower Providence, we must say farewell. After 21 years of operation, the landlord was demanding such exorbitant rent that they closed up shop last week and removed their iconic flatbed trailers and lean-to annex. They will be relocating to a spot up near Perkiomen Airport but I can't see that as a convenience anymore. Many thanks for 21 years of good fresh produce; introducing me to honeylope melons and Cinderella pumpkins; and always having the first Silver Queen white corn of the season.

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      1. That's a real bummer. That was my go to produce stand and my kids love getting their pumpkins there. Their corn was always very good and they had reasonable prices. Guess I will have to stay with Maple Acres in Plymouth Meeting.

        1. Had stopped a few times en route elsewhere and enjoyed there produce and fresh flower arrangements. I hope their customers will follow them to their new Perkiomen Airport location. It is a bit off the beaten track thus many limit the amount of drive by stop ins. Best of luck!