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Nov 22, 2013 09:30 PM

A burger sandwich. Not a hamburger.

I really don't know the difference.My sandwich came to order with lightly toatsed and buttered white bread.My jaw dropped. It was a Reuben without rye. Then I thought,Holy crap. Thumbs up ! Not because of the rye bread,but where I live on the west coast it would be on some stupid hippy shit bread.I had the hamburger on my first visit. Basic,tasty, on a small bun.Tomato, lettuce,with a little mayo. The toasted sliced white bread is there. Is this a east coast thing ? I would like the white bread instead of the bun.I could easily rid the tomato and lettuce.They have just recently opened. And busy. What would you call it on the menu ?

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  1. Just ask for the white bread...

    1. or Order a hamburger club...

      1. A hamburger club will get you 3 pieces of toasted bread with bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo.

        Another hamburger sandwich is a patty melt - beef patty, caramelized onions, cheese grilled on rye bread.

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        1. re: nlgardener

          Patty melt isn't always on rye. Depends on where you get it.

          1. re: PotatoHouse

            love a good patty melt.
            am clearly disappointed when it arrives at my table other than on rye

        2. Technically a hamburger IS a sandwich; it's between two or more pieces of bread....

          Agree with JayL; ask for the kind of bread you want...I'm sure they don't care.

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          1. re: Cherylptw

            We only serve burgers now on toasted English muffins. Pork, lamb and beef burgers btw.

          2. I live on the west coast too. I make this all the time.....when I run out of hamburger buns !!!

            Just ask for your burger on white bread or sourdough toast is nice too.

            A patty melt is on bread too but they are grilled. They are a classic diner staple in all states.

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              1. re: Gastronomos

                NY patty melts aren't on bread?????

                1. re: c oliver

                  No patty melts ! How's that ?!
                  Life ain't as good without a patty melt. .. I promise !