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Nov 22, 2013 07:21 PM

Cinnamon rolls for guests in shallow disposable pan -- current Detroiter missing MKE

In MKE we grew up with a cinnamon/sticky/Morning bun in a shallow aluminum pan you could get at any grocery store (Sentry ++) Now in Detroit I am looking for the same 9x13 disposable pan of already cooked/frosted goodies that you left out for when your guests woke up and the first one made the coffee. There must be a solution other than driving to CHI...

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  1. I can say where you don't need to look-- Whole Foods. They had some interesting sticky buns in a tray which roughly fit your specs, but they have chocolate inside, rather than cinnamon.
    Meijer sells a tube of raw ready-to-bake Cinnabon (like at the mall) brand rolls and a disposable aluminum tray in which to bake them. A short extra step.
    I'll be at Nino's tomorrow and report back from there.