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Nov 22, 2013 07:02 PM

Two Weeks in Paris and Alsace Dec11-25. Thoughts On My List?

I have been going to the Chowhound site almost on a daily basis for the past several months. I've read and researched a ton of restaurants to come up with this list. Places have gone on and off the list based on input from various sources.
Thanks to everyone for their feedback on restaurants, especially JT, Parnissien, Parigi, Phil D, Mangeur. I know I'm forgetting some of you, but know it is all appreciated.
My husband and I are spending a week in Paris (7th) then going to the Alsace region for four days and back to Paris for three nights (6th) before our departure (mostly for last minute food shopping to take home!). I know there are varying opinions on the 7th, but my thought was that it gets dark early and an Eiffel Tower view from our cozy apartment would it very special.
We arrive on December 11th. Here is my list:
Wed Dinner - Chez L'ami Jean
Thursday Lunch - Table D'Aki
Friday Lunch - Le Saotico
Saturday Dinner - Spring (reservation made)
Sunday Lunch - a Day trip to Reims - Le Bocal
Monday Dinner - Les Premices
Tuesday Dinner - Bistro Belhara
My plan is to have one meal out and eat in our apartment in the evening or catch a baguette sandwich, etc. if we are on the go during the day.
Wed Dinner in Riquewihr - La Grappe d'Or
Thurs Dinner - Le Sarment d'Or
Friday Dinner - Au Trothus
Saturday Dinner Colmar - ?
Train back to Paris
Sunday Dinner - ?
Monday Lunch - RSH or Pirouette (we dined at Pirouette last year and really enjoyed it). Christmas concert that evening at Eglise St Germain des Pres
I thought we would have an early dinner at Belotta Belotta
Tuesday Dinner (Christmas Eve) - 110 Taillevent

Do I have a good enough mix? Also, any suggestions on Sunday night in Paris and dinner in Colmar is most appreciated.

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  1. I forgot to mention that I was also looking at Garance in the 7th. I tried making reservations there, but had difficulty with the site. Would you switch any of the other places for Garance?

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    1. Your day trip to Reims - Le Bocal is closed on Sundays and Mondays (it's in the fish market, so that makes sense)

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      1. re: mr_gimlet

        I emailed them and made a reservation for that Sunday. I will email them again to check. My recollection is that they showed being open on Sundays on their website.

        1. re: CMichaelis

          I just took it from their website as I was looking at ti a few weeks ago:

          Du mardi au samedi : midi et soir
          Fermé le dimanche et lundi

      2. I just looked at their web site and you are correct. They sent me a reply to my booking request, but it looks like they made it for Tuesday. I hadn't noticed the date.
        Well, I'm back to square one. Need to find a place for lunch. Any suggestions?

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        1. re: CMichaelis

          Le Jardin des Crayeres? Didn't look to see if they were open, but I expect so.

          1. re: mr_gimlet

            Thank you! I will check it out.
            Thanks for bothering to respond. I am disappointed at the lack of feedback.

            1. re: CMichaelis

              Sorry; I didn't respond because I was already quoted as a source; what further questions do you have?

          2. re: CMichaelis

            The very wonderful Assiette Champenoise is open for Sunday lunch! Probably one of the top tables in France right now, and definitely worth a journey. here's there Michelin page...

            1. re: ChefJune

              Bit of a different price bracket to a small fish market restaurant though since they don't do their lunch special on a weekend.

              BTW, I was thinking of going next year, what's their wine list pricing like? When did you visit?

              1. re: mr_gimlet

                The wine list is very pricy, though when we were there a few years ago I think we found something from the region for maybe 60 euros. There is very little in that range. It wasn't wonderful, but perfectly acceptable. The prix-fixe lunch is a bargain though, so overall it was not so expensive.

          3. Thanks JT, I will call Garance tomorrow. The are closed on Sun/Mon. We have also decided to have lunch on Monday instead of dinner, so I have changed the reservation to Pirouette instead of Les Premices. We will be going to BHV and houseware shops in the 1st, so that seemed like a good choice.

            Thanks Chef June on the recommendation for Reims. We are only going for the day to visit the champagne houses and not sure I want to devote the time and expense to a fine dining experience. Im not sure we will be dressed for that either. Some day I would like to go back and spend more time in the area and enjoy this renowned establishment. Speaking of fine dining, I am leaning towards reserving Auberge de Lile for lunch while we are in Alsace. I have read wonderful things about that as well.

            JT, I was just looking for confirmation that I wasn't too heavy on modern French. I really don't have any traditional comfort food bistros on the list (except maybe Cehz l"ami Jean).
            I considered Le Casse Noix, Chez Denise, CJD, among others.

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            1. re: CMichaelis

              My locals are Garance, Es and Aki, all of which are super delicious.

              1. re: CMichaelis

                "Le Casse Noix,"
                A great place that gets scant attention here. Why?

              2. Thanks Nancy S. Just received a confirmation email from Garance. It's all coming together! Two more weeks!