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Nov 22, 2013 05:33 PM

Simone's Carribean - Danforth

I finally got around to trying a roti from Simone's on the Danforth.
First let me say that the service was great, extremely friendly and quick take out.
I had a vegetarian roti, Chana with greens and a side of slaw (which is served with the roti).
Extremely tasty Roti, nice amount of heat and packed with flavour. Slaw was a bit to creamy for me but that's my particular taste.
Would definitely go back and try one of the offered selections of Roti.
A nice addition to the neighbourhood imo!

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  1. I posted about it here: but you can have your own thread if you like :-) I've been a few times and all the main courses are good, but I tossed out the slaw as not only was it too creamy, it is very sweet and had an odd (to me) hint of almond flavour. I called Simone to mention the slaw and she said the Caribbean customers were mentioning it was not like "back home" so she changed it.

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      Thanks FD, will check out your thread. Glad to see others are enjoying it too, hope it will do well!

    2. So where is it on Danforth??


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        596 Danforth. North side, between Carlaw and Pape. Where Aravind (and others) used to be.

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          Almost right across from that new mini Canadian Tire store, and also across from the old Sun Valley location, which is now a Kitchen Stuff Plus store.