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Nov 22, 2013 03:22 PM

anyone been to baan thai cuisine in downtown san anselmo

some good yelp reviews, wondering if any northbay hounds have visited.

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  1. Had lunch there today, first time since the owner of its predecessor, Orchid Thai, died. I had Spicy Green Beans with Chicken, one of the many lunch plates ($9). It was excellent, both visually and flavor-wise. The side salad had not much to do with Thai cuisine, but was OK, The green beans and chicken and other vegis were very good, the brown rice (option) was fine. It was what I'd call medium hot. An excellent lunch. All the staff I encountered were friendly and helpful. I'll go back and try other things.

    A few photos:

    1. Another very good lunch there today with a business friend. Pumpkin Curry and Eggplant Curry lunch plates ($9), both with brown rice at no extra charge.


      1. Any connection to Baan Thai in SF?

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            There is a Baan Thai in Santa Rosa too. And Orinda. And Seaside. Portland, Phili, Etc

            Doubt there are any connections, since there are no links on the websites.