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Nov 22, 2013 02:36 PM

Berger Cookies may be victim of trans-fat ban

Personally, I've never liked Berger Cookies or understood their appeal, but for those who love them - beware. If the FDA goes ahead with the transfat ban, Berger Cookies as you know and love them may be a thing of the past. The company owner and president says they have tried alternate recipes and the cookies just aren't the same. Transfats were not used commercially until about 1910 and Berger Cookies have been around since 1835. There must have been a recipe that didn't use transfats for those first 75 years, but of course, what all of us alive today know as Berger Cookies were probably made with the transfats. Still, it seems like they should dig through the company archives to see if they can find the original recipe.

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Maybe the reason they don't taste like real chocolate is the trans fats?

        1. Just some facts: the FDA has not actually proposed to ban. It has announced a tentative decision to ban and has called for comments and submission of scientific info. Now in reality, it means that they have made a decision but they are begging the public to overwhelm them with supportive comments (yes, I am a cynic - does it show? but I've been doing this kind of work for a long time). Trust me, they have no trouble digging up the scientific info on their own.

          I suspect that the 2016 comment implied that there will be regime change resulting in an administration that does not like this kind of regulation and that would reverse it.

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              Yes. As I think of them (ALL of them): The Fools on the Hill. Or given the proximity to T-day, the Washington Turkeys. Hmm. Maybe that's what they could call the football team: the Washington Gobblers.

          1. Similar thing happened with HP Sauce. Heinz agreed to voluntarily lower the salt content by 38%, which totally changed the flavor. I imagine this won't be the last product where the flavor changes because they're trying to lower transfat/sugar/salt content.