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Nov 22, 2013 02:13 PM

Vostok 13th Ave Brooklyn.

I am curious if anyone has been to this Uzbek place.

There is a Kavkazian community around Ditmas and McDonald in Brooklyn. The interesting location in Borough Park, does make this a unique find.

The internet sources have it as an Uzbek Cuisine establishment.

Kosher Uzbek

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  1. >I am curious if anyone has been to this Uzbek place.

    Yes, it's been mentioned here a number of times over the past six years ... ...

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      1. re: squid kun


        I will check them out.

        Thank you.

      2. Been there. The usual array of skewers, samsas, lagman, etc.

        All good. Healthy portions, aa I recall.

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        1. re: Mike R.


          I am left clueless with most internet abbreviation, that transcend
          common parlance.

          Is it African American; Arts in Associates;

          But thank you.

          1. re: jonkyo

            It is a typographical error and meant to be read as "as."

            Jonkyo, I am very curious and hope you don't mind my asking you what your primary language is? Specifically, what language did you speak growing up? I am aware that you are multilingual, but are there any languages other than English and (I am guessing) Mandarin in which you are proficient?

              1. re: foodiemom10583

                proficient beyond food items, profanities, and simple common place statements, no.

                I know only my mother language of English, while growing up in the northeast, and Mandarin while parading, galavanting, and engaged in intellectual pursuits, in the south of Taiwan, and classrooms from there to here.

                1. re: foodiemom10583

                  I am filled with wonder as to why Mandarin, is only a 'guessing', as opposed to a supposition or conclusion.

                  Have you yourself become interested in Mandarin, or other languages?

                  Food is a great place to commence in learning language, as is geography.

                  1. re: jonkyo

                    Through my friends who were born in China and have relocated to the NYC area, I was told that the most widely-spoken Chinese dialect is Mandarin. I have been advised that Cantonese is a less common dialect. Therefore, I figured I had a 60/40 percent chance of guessing correctly by saying "Mandarin."

                    As to your other point, I make a conscious effort to order food items in the native language of the restaurant I am in (and try to use the proper inflections), whether it is Chinese, Ethiopian, Georgian, Japanese, French, etc. I'll "guess" that most Chowhounds do, too.

                    Thank you for your answer.

                    1. re: foodiemom10583

                      Nice, and impressive, the use of native titles of food, that is. Question, have you been to the Georgian venue just a block or two west of Ocean Ave, on Kings Highway?

                      There is some question in my mind, of the dialects, in China, should they not be termed languages, or variations of that.

                      1. re: jonkyo

                        No, I have not. I have been to Tbilisi on Kings Highway and E. 8th and to Lagidze on Coney Island Avenue between Ave. P. and Quentin Rd. I also love Georgian Bread on Neptune Ave.

                        I spent many of my formative years hanging out and shopping on Kings Highway. My favorite restaurant back then was Bamboo House, a Chinese restaurant with a Polynesian twist.

                        The booths were divided with bamboo poles and thatched roofs. The huge, fruity drinks were served in Tiki cups or coconuts and they never, ever asked us for I.D. The interior was featured in "Goodfellas," though the exteriors used were from Collaro's on Coney Island Avenue and Ave. Y. Sorry, I'm full of useless trivia.

                        1. re: foodiemom10583

                          I cannot say I am at all partial to fruity drinks, unless containing alcohol. The ubiquitous use of sugar, sweeteners, syrups, equates to something very bad.

                          Film and movies aside, that is some great food drink adventure.

                          I have never seen Poly twist, but Polynesian twists of any sort are spells that are best done by natives from Polynesian. The facsimiles are nice too.

                          Tiki bars have been on the up in recent decades. I am not sure if Tiki is a fiction, a western stereotype derived from fictional placement due to culture stereotyping, or real.

                          I am curious about the Georgian place you mention. Been by it, but have yet to eat the food. A retired Cossack I know, moved from NY to Georgia, to live in retirement more cheaply, and (I would add) more

                          Pardon my lapse in English with that last statement.

                          1. re: jonkyo

                            If I remember correctly, all of the fruity drinks at Bamboo House were filled with copious amounts of rum at the very least and potentially lethal amounts of various liquors at the most. I believe there were a few that could maintain flames for several minutes. This was 30 or so years ago.

                            Are you referring to Tbilisi or Lagidze? Lagidze is relatively new. They seem to draw quite a crowd on weekends when they host live performances. I really enjoy their xinkali despite the inconsistent spicing (heavy on pepper one day, heavy on cloves another). The lamb kababi is delicious.

                            1. re: foodiemom10583

                              Maybe Ligeti.

                              I love his stuff.

                              Like Bartok, I am sure he goes for the peasant cuisines. Hungarian they are.

                              Georgia on my mind, much ethnic diversity there. The cuisine I yet to investigate.

                              The one near Ocean Ave on 18th is by far the only one I know. Some Georgians about working in shops in that area of Brooklyn.

                              It is still East, and the music in such a food and beverage venue, with such a name, sounds inviting I would imagine, to those wandering souls with worn soles.

            1. i'm interested in this place...would love to hear more reports...

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              1. re: Simon

                Check out Squid Kun's post above for other discussions about Vostok.

                1. re: foodiemom10583

                  yep...but most reports are very old...recent news welcome...