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Nov 22, 2013 01:44 PM

Deals on Turkeys?

Just started looking to buy my T-day frozen turkey. Sort of surprising that I haven't seen and really good deals at <$1/pound.

Who's found a good deal and where?


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  1. Fred Meyer: Free with $150 purchase, 49 cents a lb. if you spend $100 and 69 cents a lb. if you spend $50. 10-20 lb birds, with coupon (generally available in the store). But my co-worker, a bargain shopper, says there haven't been many deals and the prices are generally pretty high this year.

    1. I don't think we're going to see many reasonable prices this year, Kaleo. I shopped Safeway, QFC and Freddy's for reasonable prices yesterday and didn't find any. How many are you feeding this year?

      1. Overall, deals aren't as good as in the past, due to skyrocketing feed prices, but they're out there:

        --Free with $150 spend
        --.49/lb. w/$100
        --.69/lb. w/$50

        --.59/lb. w/$30 spend

        BOGO w/$35 spend, .99/lb. without

        --Free w/$150 spend
        --.49/lb. w/$100
        --.69/lb. w/$50

        All above for frozen, probably basted/injected.

        --.99/lb. for Foster Fresh, not injected.

        1. I usually go for a butter ball, or other frozen turkey. But, at these prices, I'm going to spring for a pre-brined and unfrozen bird from Trader Joe's for 1.99/lb.

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            1. re: alarash

              Hi, Ala:

              I bit on the Safeway deal. Just the basic grocery and beverage list for Thanksgiving took me past $100, so my 22-lb bird ended up costing $11.

              The pisser of this deal is it'll be tres expensive to get a couple small birds to cook over the rest of the winter.


              1. re: kaleokahu

                I finally bought 2 rock Cornish game hens for $6.00. The next day I found a nice frozen turkey breast that I'll roast on Thursday and then make the leftovers into turkey tettrazini that I can freeze for those nights I'm too busy to cook! I usually like Li'l Butterball's because they're not so danged large, but I didn't see any this year.

                1. re: firecracker

                  But if the point of this is economy, doesn't that fly in the face of that? Aren't you paying roughly twice as much as you have to on a per-pound basis by doing that?

                  Even at these prices, you can usually buy the whole Turkey, take off the Breast half with the carcass and throw the rest away and it would still be cheaper than buying just the breast from the store.

                  And as much as I love the game hens, two hens for 6 bucks works out to about $2 a pound.

                  I get that small sizes and convenience are important too, for some, but isn't this thread about the best deals?

                2. re: kaleokahu

                  Well, you could still score a couple more sale birds by buying non-perishable staples to get you above the minimums, and freeze the birds until you need them.

                  And even at .99 a pound, the Costco Foster birds aren't a bad deal.

                  1. re: kaleokahu

                    It's been decided. I'm going to spatchcock the brined and rubbed bird this year on the kamado over mesquite. Never done it, but videos look really good.

                3. Just saw a TV ad for .99 Butterballs at Target, so I assume those are for our area as well, if that's your bird of choice.