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Nov 22, 2013 12:43 PM

14 Benefits Most Seniors Didn't Know...

Hey, anyone else creeped out by the photo that runs with this paid advo at the bottoms of pages here? I must have a form of coulrophobia...

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  1. Just a teeny bit, but then I think "Poor ole guy". He looks a bit "deer in the headlights" or something.

    1. Inconsequential is what I consider that stuff down below. Right now it looks like a woman in bondage, a blonde for hair color and the old guy you referenced.

      At one point there was a picture of a "bad teacher" or something like that. Just don't click on any of it.

      I know these websites need advertisers but no sense in egging these type of stories on:-)

      1. No offense but what are you peeps smoking? Creeped out by what photo down where? I got nothing.........

        1. Ad Block is a wonderful thing.

          1. Yes it IS creepy. All the ads, especially the moving ones, keep me from just browsing this site; instead I only come for a question or two and leave, The site doesn't work well with my Android device- I suspect because of ads.
            My laptop died (I used Firefox + Adblock plus) and yes ABP does cure the problems completely.