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Nov 22, 2013 12:26 PM

Good cheap pepper mill?

And where to find it...

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  1. What is the definition of good for you... what is bad?

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      This is weird. I was going to ask what is the definition of cheap (No, seriously, I was going to ask that).

    2. Peugeot makes excellent pepper mills (I have a couple including one that must be at least 50 years old. The newer ones are as well made as the older ones.) From a quick Google search, it seems prices have jumped a bit in the past few years but this looks like a good deal, though I've never done business with the company:

      1. OXO Good GripsĀ® Pepper Grinder

        $21.99 at Bed Bath Beyond. This works fine. I know you can spend a lot more, but why would you? Penzey's peppermills.

        Penzeys carries mills that work with their super large peppercorns. More expensive, but I imagine good.

        1. You don't have to spend hundreds, but if you drop some dough on a good one, it will more than pay for itself.

          I spent $30 on a grinder at Williams-Sonoma, and my ex was ready to send me to have my head examined.

          More than 30 years later, I still have the grinder (don't have the ex!), and it's still grinding pepper every single day. Annual cost? less than the grocery-store models.

          1. If you have an Ikea nearby, they sell a spice grinder that is cheap and effective. It is available only in the stores at $5.99.