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Nov 22, 2013 12:16 PM

Making Baby Applesauce

Is it better to bake the apples or boil the apples before pureeing them. I am thinking that by baking the apples no water would be used making a better finished product.

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  1. I simmer/steamed mine. Cut them into chunks, but maybe a quarter inch of water in the skillet, turned the heat to low, and cooked till soft. Then I used the simmer water to thin out the sauce after I pureed it.

    1. There aren't that many nutrients in apples to be super careful about but when you boil them, they leach out into the water. Steam/bake is better,

      1. Agree with autumn. Roasting makes it dry out too much. If you are worried about nutrient retention then steam for a wet heat application.

        1. Boiling apples? Never heard of such a thing. The most you need is a spoonful of water in the pan to prevent scorching for the few minutes it will take before the juices start to flow from the chunked apples.

          If you microwave the apples, no water at all.

          If the apples are peeled and diced, you can cook them in a skillet, stirring. Also no water needed.

          1. I don't use any water when I make sauce on the top of the stove.