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BBQ 'n Curry in Marin City

This place just opened in the CVS / Best Buy shopping center in Marin City. Has anyone tried it? Here's the web site: http://www.bbqncurryhouse.com/

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  1. Interesting, I would expect a BBQ place in Marin City to have a totally different kind of barbecue. Looks interesting, though.

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      From the menu, it's an Indian/Pakistani place. not BBQ as we know it. But good Indian/Pakistani would be welcome.

      1. Had a delicious dinner here tonight: Baingan Bhurta, Tandoori Chicken Leg, Lamb Korma, and Garlic Naan with a couple of cups of chai. Ordered things spicy. Am no expert, but each of these was among the best versions I've had. My last Pakistani meal was at Guddu de Karahi, and IMHO, this was at least as good. And that's saying a lot! They are friends of Guddu.
        The service by the owner (wife of a husband and wife team) was warm, friendly, and efficient. Decor is spare but clean. Still in the "soft opening" phase, cash only for now. Our bill was 26.06 before tip.
        I do find the Marin City Shopping Center generic and bleak, but BBQ'n Curry transcends, and we will be back

        1. A friend and I had lunch there today, and it was all raves for the food and very engaging server-owner (wife; husband is the chef). We had two of the four specials of the day (of the ten listed on the menu; they tell you which ones are for today). Aloo Keema (#2 on the specials menu), Burning Man Green Pepper Curry (#5), and Onion/Cheese Naan. The flavors of the keema and curry were unique to me and seemed to not be dumbed down. The naan was also excellent. They have complimentary chai, serve yourself as much as you want, and we both thought it was excellent. The regular menu has more common items which I would also expect to be excellent.

          Their current opening time is 12:30 pm (that's right, not a mistake), which will become earlier as they move here later from South San Francisco and also train staff.

          A few photos, including the specials menu.


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            Malcolm, it's a pleasure to see your photographs! Nice colors and sharp! Good stuff.

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              I had a real camera (Canon S100) with me that day instead of only a cell phone camera :-)

          2. Is anyone else picking up sweet notes in the curries? Not unpleasant or overly sweet, but different from what I am used to from other Northern India/Pakistani places I have been to like Shalimar and even Nan 'n Curry.

            1. We had lunch there today. Very sweet owner who was so helpful about spice levels and the food in general. I had the daal palak (spinach cooked with lentils) which was just spicy enough for me and exceptionally flavorful. My daughter had the baingan bhurta (eggplant) which was equally delicious, and my spice-averse mother had the prawn tikka masala which she loved. All the dishes had distinctly individual flavors which I find is sometimes not the case in Indian restaurants. We shared two orders of incredible sesame naan which was light and not greasy. Complimentary chai was great - we'll definitely be back and are planning to do takeout too.

              1. This spot is terrific. The couple who own it are Sindhi. I tried it before Christmas, and still can’t quite believe that I was eating halal Pakistani food in Sausalito. The owner/wife/waitress said that this is Marin County’s only halal restaurant, despite supporting two mosques.

                The sesame naan, $1.99, could not have been better. Best naan I’ve had in ages. I’ve pretty much given up on ordering naan as I’m disappointed the majority of times. And the SOP is to not cut it into sections (which would squash the loft). I was pretty pleased that I didn’t have to make a special request. As can be seen in the photo, the tandoori-baked flatbread’s quite light with airy layers, singeing on the high spots and underside, and a tender texture. I loved the fine aromatics contributed by the sesame, the light brush of ghee, and the sprinkle of fresh cilantro.

                I started with the vegetable biryani, $7.99, made in Sindhi style with heavier spicing and combining all the ingredients together. Very well-flavored and studded with many types of vegetables, fragrant citrus rind, plus a sweet cast from an abundance of fried onions, the aromatic extra long-grained basmati was firmish and not clumped. I took most of this home and enjoyed it for breakfast for the next few days.

                Then murgh achar, $7.99, and my request for all dark meat on the bone was no problem. Though the meat was falling off the bone, the chicken was still succulent and not overdone at all. Chicken achari is one of my favorites at North Indian restaurants, and I order it whenever it appears on a menu. It’s done quite well here.

                I inquired about their previous restaurant experience and learned that they had owned Tasty Curry in FiDi and the Inner Sunset. I’m rather glad that I didn’t learn this till after my meal, as our chowdown a few years ago was a let-down. Interestingly, the chicken achar was my favorite dish that night too.

                I also asked when haleem, nihari and/or paya shown as specials options on the menu would be available. These dishes will be in the weekend rotation.

                Oh, and credit cards are accepted now.

                BBQ n Curry House
                160 Donahue St
                Sausalito, CA 94965
                (415) 289-0786

                1. Melanie, your food looks very appetizing ( nice photos ) - look forward to trying this place !

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                    Thanks, those are cell phone camera shots. :)

                    I hope we'll hear more about the dishes from the specials menu,

                  2. Following Melanie's tip on another thread searching for Pakistani food, BBQ 'n Curry was a great cap to a day outdoors in Marin.

                    Across all the dishes, the meat quality stood out. It says upthread that the meat is halal and I was told by the owner that it's organic.

                    The sesame and garlic naan were awesome. Pliable, not remotely oily, and hints of the char flavor you get from a wood oven pizza.

                    Vegetarian biryani was really good, and not the oily or dry mess I've come to expect from biryani. I liked the texture of the long grained rice-- I don't think I've had that before (is that commonly used?). It reminded me of Armenian pilaf, only with the rice and pasta combined into one starch.

                    (weekend specials)
                    Lamb achar : a good amount of mango pickle chunks soured up the dish and were the ideal foil for the lamb.

                    Daal palak (spinach with lentil) might have been my favorite dish, and tasted really good with the sesame seeded naan.

                    Pakora curry: overtoasted mustard seeds made this not very enjoyable.

                    Beef nihari was good too.

                    Next time, I'd ask them to amp up the spicing.

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                      I think they're using an extra grade of basmati rice. Very long grains and more fragrant.

                    2. We ate here last week-end. It is delicious and the couple who own this restaurant are very accommodating. For instance, he, being the cook, subbed out cauliflower for okra in a dish and made some other suggestions for a vegetarian meal. We ordered 5 dishes, plus rice and naan, bringing them back to the peninsula and happily devouring them for two days.
                      Will note dishes next time to report. All of them were spicy-good! Only minus was mango lassi.

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                        Thank you for posting -- I was so relieved yours wasn't a post saying the restaurant had closed. This is a great reminder to return (tomorrow!). For anyone who hasn't been, this is a terrific restaurant, with by far the best naan I can remember.