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Nov 22, 2013 11:48 AM

BBQ 'n Curry in Marin City

This place just opened in the CVS / Best Buy shopping center in Marin City. Has anyone tried it? Here's the web site:

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  1. Interesting, I would expect a BBQ place in Marin City to have a totally different kind of barbecue. Looks interesting, though.

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      From the menu, it's an Indian/Pakistani place. not BBQ as we know it. But good Indian/Pakistani would be welcome.

      1. Had a delicious dinner here tonight: Baingan Bhurta, Tandoori Chicken Leg, Lamb Korma, and Garlic Naan with a couple of cups of chai. Ordered things spicy. Am no expert, but each of these was among the best versions I've had. My last Pakistani meal was at Guddu de Karahi, and IMHO, this was at least as good. And that's saying a lot! They are friends of Guddu.
        The service by the owner (wife of a husband and wife team) was warm, friendly, and efficient. Decor is spare but clean. Still in the "soft opening" phase, cash only for now. Our bill was 26.06 before tip.
        I do find the Marin City Shopping Center generic and bleak, but BBQ'n Curry transcends, and we will be back

        1. A friend and I had lunch there today, and it was all raves for the food and very engaging server-owner (wife; husband is the chef). We had two of the four specials of the day (of the ten listed on the menu; they tell you which ones are for today). Aloo Keema (#2 on the specials menu), Burning Man Green Pepper Curry (#5), and Onion/Cheese Naan. The flavors of the keema and curry were unique to me and seemed to not be dumbed down. The naan was also excellent. They have complimentary chai, serve yourself as much as you want, and we both thought it was excellent. The regular menu has more common items which I would also expect to be excellent.

          Their current opening time is 12:30 pm (that's right, not a mistake), which will become earlier as they move here later from South San Francisco and also train staff.

          A few photos, including the specials menu.

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            Malcolm, it's a pleasure to see your photographs! Nice colors and sharp! Good stuff.

            1. re: gordon wing

              I had a real camera (Canon S100) with me that day instead of only a cell phone camera :-)

          2. Is anyone else picking up sweet notes in the curries? Not unpleasant or overly sweet, but different from what I am used to from other Northern India/Pakistani places I have been to like Shalimar and even Nan 'n Curry.