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Nov 22, 2013 11:39 AM

Restaurant on the way to Lancaster?

I would like to meet a friend for dinner who lives in Lancaster, I am in Philly. We were hoping to meet somewhere in the middle! Any ideas?

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  1. You might be best off meeting somewhere in Chester County. That would be about an hour outside Philly and an hour from the center of Lancaster. The difference is, it's a much more pleasant drive from Lancaster to a mid-point than from Philly. There are a few good places in Kennett Square. Do a search on this board for restaurants in Kennett if you think this location would work for you.

    1. If you have enough advance notice, the Birchrunville Store Cafe is a great choice. Almost midway. Open Wedsnesday through Saturday.

      1. If the middle could be defined as approximately equal drive times rather than a geographic middle the Kimberton Inn is lovely with good food, service, full bar and most often a piano player. Also some what in the middle would be the Inn at Saint Peters Village. The restaurant has recently been taken over by a chef from the Birchrunville Store Cafe thus significantly raising expectations for excellent dining.

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          I had heard about Francis being executive chef at St Peters but that was years ago, and it didn't last that long. Is it on again?

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            FrancisdeR, you are quite right! Old, very old news. My error, some how I got this about 5 years late and the chef bailed out after a very short time after his initial engagement. Thanks for the correction, sorry for the obsolete and misleading information, mea culpa.

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            I think the interesting question is how you are going to go. My assumption for someone from Philadelphia is they are more likely to go via the Turnpike. Which then suggests to me that the meeting place could be off of the Exton Exit, or perhaps Morgantown.

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              Arepo, not the most direct routes from either. I have traveled from Valley Forge to Lancaster passing directly by both restaurants and reversed . They are both above the average place in the area. A high speed location for the meeting in the middle might be Stoudt's Black Angus at the Denver exit of the PA turnpike.

              1. re: Bacchus101

                Stout's Black Angus is great... but I think that Adamstown is decidedly closer to Lancaster.

                Lancaster City to Denver, (20 miles) and Philadelphia to Denver exit is 60 miles...

                Perhaps the Draughting Room in Exton?

                1. re: cwdonald

                  Exton is certainly convenient to the Turnpike. The OP didn't say if the meeting was for lunch or dinner, or whether casual or fine(er) dining was preferred. The Drafting Room is a good call. Also, not too far from there is Allegria -- BYO Italian, more in the "fine dining" category.

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                    Another vote for the Draughting Room. Ron's is also good but the Draughting Room is closer to Rt. 30. For Morgantown, the only place that I have found worthwhile there is the Waynebrook Inn in Honey Brook. Having only stopped there for lunch, I can't really comment on dinner.

              2. Limoncello in Chester Springs sounds about half way. This is a second location of the crazy-popular original in West Chester. Although it says Chester Springs, it's about 3 minutes for the Downingtown TP exit on Rt 100. Your Lancaster friend could take the turnpike or come down Rt 23 to Rt 401 to Rt. 100.