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Nov 22, 2013 11:29 AM

Bonefish Grill coming to Manalapan

My wife told me about this one. Supposedly Bonefish Grill is coming to Manalapan, in the "Epicentre" (where Wegman's and Target are). I have seen recent construction work in the old department store where P.C. Richards is located, so perhaps that's where it's going.

Talk about saturation! I don't mind some chain restaurants, but I hate when we get something we already have. There's already a Bonefish Grill in East Brunswick.. really, is that too far to drive? And another in Middletown! Come on, give us something new!

I know, Golden Corral isn't a dining destination, but at least it's something we don't already have.. at least in this area!

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  1. You should consider yourself lucky!

    sarcastic comment

    1. We do not 'get' anything. 'They', with all of their money get us.

      1. That's interesting. I thought that Bonefish was going to go in the center where Whole Foods is.

        1. On the bright side, at least it's not an Italian restaurant.

          1. Are they pairing it up with another chain owned by the parent company? That's what they typically do.