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Vegetarian friendly birthday dinner - Atelier, Coi, Benu? [San Francisco]

I'm looking to take my partner to a birthday dinner in San Francisco. Im vegetarian, he's not. I was wondering how to choose between these restaurants - Coi, Benu, Atelier Crenn. We plan on doing a full tasting menu. Any suggestions, advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

We've eaten at Manresa, and loved it.

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    1. When I dined at Crenn, the party seated next to us included one vegan. They were delighted at the food they were served and how it mirrored the omnivorous menu of their dining companion, rather than look like the meatless step-child. The did voice a tiny bit of concern when some gelatin based mignardises arrived at the end. But she was over the moon.

      1. at atelier crenn, a friend of mine i was dining with had the vegetarian menu while i and the rest of the table had the regular menu. i thought his vegetarian menu looked pretty impressive.

        1. Crenn.

          (I haven't been to Benu. Haven't had any desire to return to Coi.)

            1. Quince! They do a full vegetarian menu. Followed by Crenn.

              Benu's menu doesn't really lend itself to vegetarians.

              1. Coi has great vegetarian dishes as part of the regular menu. It sounds like Crenn does a good job too, so you could choose based on what style of food sounds more appealing - they're quite different!


                1. I strongly support the suggestion of the vegetarian menu at Quince. Very well put together and a good amount of food. Creen's vegetarian is very good too but the portions are smaller and she is more experimental with her food. I love it but it's not for all appetites. Benu has made us vegetarian menus before but I prefer Benu's seafood and meat dishes better for a full meal. Coi has some vegetarian but it's not their strong suit.

                  1. Thanks for all the responses. Crenn going on break through early January, so I ended up making a reservation at Quince. Very excited. I'll report back with my experience.

                    1. we went to Benu and did the tasting menu with

                      1. Celiac, no red meat
                      2. Vegan
                      3. Normal eaters

                      And they did a beautiful job catering to everyone. nobody felt left out, and they even printed special menus for each person. One of my favorite tasting menus, except dessert. It was fine, but not my favorite. That distinction belongs to the dessert courses at Meadowood when Matthew Tinder was still there.

                      1. Just went to Verbena on Polk and loved all the vegetarian dishes, there are 9 on the menu and they will try to accommodate dietary restrictions such as vegan, nut and gluten free. All the food was excellent but this would be a great choice for a mixed crowd with lots of different diets.