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Nov 22, 2013 11:18 AM

Vegetarian friendly birthday dinner - Atelier, Coi, Benu? [San Francisco]

I'm looking to take my partner to a birthday dinner in San Francisco. Im vegetarian, he's not. I was wondering how to choose between these restaurants - Coi, Benu, Atelier Crenn. We plan on doing a full tasting menu. Any suggestions, advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

We've eaten at Manresa, and loved it.

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    1. When I dined at Crenn, the party seated next to us included one vegan. They were delighted at the food they were served and how it mirrored the omnivorous menu of their dining companion, rather than look like the meatless step-child. The did voice a tiny bit of concern when some gelatin based mignardises arrived at the end. But she was over the moon.

      1. at atelier crenn, a friend of mine i was dining with had the vegetarian menu while i and the rest of the table had the regular menu. i thought his vegetarian menu looked pretty impressive.

        1. Crenn.

          (I haven't been to Benu. Haven't had any desire to return to Coi.)