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Nov 22, 2013 10:48 AM

John Egerton - Southern Food

Sad, sad day. This hurts my heart.

John Egerton has died. Writer, historian, story-teller, cook and lover of southern food and people. Author of 'Southern Food: at Home, on the Road, in History' and 'Side Dishes', founding member of the Southern Foodways Alliance. He wrote one of the finest books on the civil rights movement in the period _before_ the 1954 Supreme Court decision, 'Speak Now Against the Day'. He understood that food _is_ lived history everywhere, but especially in the south.

If you don't recognize him it's likely because he was not a celebrity. If you do, well, I guess your heart is hurting too.

He was a writer of clear, powerful words. He loved all of the south, knew and faced our failings with clarity, celebrated our changes and dug into our past foodways to search out our future.

I met and corresponded with him about politics and food and he wrote a dedication in my copy of Southern Food:

'to Karen - herewith a little corn, a hog or two - and the rest is history'

please post here if you knew of him.
Please read these tributes, and seek out his work. you will be moved and changed for the better.

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  1. Since Kariin also started this thread here; and that one is getting some early replies, can we ask that people reply there? That'll keep the discussion in one place.

    Thanks, and thank-you Kariin for a touching post.

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    1. re: The Chowhound Team

      Glad to be of use, much obliged for the kind words.

      maybe the best we can do is to read and share his work with everybody we can and then go and make some red rice pilau
      and squash casserole.

      Me? i'm doing sweet potato pie right now.