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Nov 22, 2013 09:12 AM

Good Polish restaurant OTHER than Cafe Polonia?

Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed Polonia the two times I've been there. But I was wondering if there were any other Polish restaurants in eastern Mass. I've done some Googling and there are delis, but not sit-down types of places. Thank you!

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    Polka Cafe in Worcester. Bizarre polish guy making food thats was (mostly) great.

    I recommend the Pierogi, a potato dumpling soup that was awesome, the borscht , and the goulash, and the latkes.

    Don;t be frightened by the thrift store decor. Helps if you speak polish. The whole experience is a bit surreal.

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      Thank you! I looked at the link and wondered if this the guy that I saw at the Topsfield Fair. The golabki was delicious!

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        Thanks for that. Roast goose! I have to wonder if he always has it.

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          THANK YOU for introducing me to this place. Myself and five friends went today and had a terrific time.

          The restaurant is exactly as you describe -- 80s thrift store decor right out of grandma's house, kitchen cabinets with early-80s cookbooks. We were the only ones there, and when we entered, the owner turned on the heat and the Christmas music, and the food started rolling out.

          We started with a tureen of fantastic bigos (cabbage, kraut, and kielbasa) stew -- several of us ordered bowls and he just waved his hand, got a tureen out of the cabinet, and let us serve ourselves. Then a platter of grilled garlic kielbasa for the table to share, accompanied by homemade sauerkraut. Even though we didn't order it, he brought out several platters of terrific potato pancakes on the house. Their golabki (cabbage rolls) are two for $6, so we figured they'd be small and ordered a bunch. Big mistake - they're huge. By the time our pierogi arrived we were all groaning.

          We had plans to try the herring, the goulash, and the roast goose, but we couldn't even get through what we ordered. Their prices are ridiculously cheap, the owner is wacky and hilarious and generous, and the bigos & kielbasa are far better than Polonia. I'll definitely trek out to Worcester to go again.

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            Think a few bottles of vodka would be in order.

            1. re: StriperGuy

              The owner told us that the next time we come, we can bring all the liquor we want.

              As a sidenote, the restaurant's in a fairly lousy part of Worcester. While we were eating, a lanky guy walked in and started muttering in Polish; the owner/waiter/chef came out and gently escorted him outside. Minutes later, he stepped back in and started shouting something in Polish, and the owner promptly grabbed a baseball bat and ran after him. The owner came back after just a minute or so and laughed, "He is bad guy, local drunk. He come in and smash tables. Tonight's show with baseball bat is free!!" and brought out our kielbasa.

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                  This kind of anecdote is what separates Chowhound from the rest. So glad you shared it here!


          2. I saw this place featured on DDD, and it did look very good, although I've never eaten there. It has good reviews on Yelp and on TA, though. It's called Patti's Pierogis:


            1. Does anyone remember the name of the Polish restaurant on Boylston Street between Arlington and Berkeley -- the one that took over the original l'Espalier space (I'm talking more than 30 years back, now). I ate there several times, but I'm blanking on the name. Of course it's long gone, now, like so many of the familiar names from the 70s and 80s...

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                  The late, lamented (sigh) Cafe Budapest (Hungarian-Continental, not Polish) was at the Copley Square Hotel on Exeter St & Huntington Ave.

              1. I love Polish food, but I tend to veer away from restaurants after I asked for ice cubes in my water and the waiter told me they couldn't because they had lost the recipe....

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                  I have read that some places (notably Italy) have a folk tradition that holds that ice water is bad for digestion. I recall being surprised in rural England some years ago that bagged ice was not a common grocery item (I was trying to make blender drinks).


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                      He's here all week, try the Veal...

                      I remember my first trip to England with my parents. My dad asked for Ice water in a restaurant and the waiter said "Ahhh, American Champagne"...

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                        We've split a digression about ice in water and in cocktails to General Topics. You'll find it here: .

                      2. I would LOVE some Golumpkis right now

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                          I'll likely be going here next weekend and will definitely be eating golumpkis, bigos, and pierogi.