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What to do with a dozen enormous and terrible Red Delicous apples

Blech. My husband's company gets boxes of these to give out to customers every year, and every year they give each of them employees a few. They're not very good, and the size of small grapefruits. In the past, I have dehydrated them. They're not great dehydrated, but with enough citric acid, at least you can add a little complexity to the sweet on sweet boringness of them.

Anything more exciting/noble to do with them?

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  1. Apple chutney
    Apple-Cranberry sauce
    Roasted w savory spices

    1. core them and plug the bottom with a slice of the core. Fill with butter, brown sugar, chopped pistachio and a hint of nutmeg. then roast

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        Grew up doing this, but we also added a spoonful of shredded coconut.

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          Not far enough out, but our dogs certainly like apples. Maybe that's the solution!

        2. Apple cranberry sauce is good with bad apples.

          1. You could make pomanders (apples studded with cloves and rolled in spices) and put in closets or give as gifts.

              1. Yesterday I made a gratin with yellow squash cooked in cream with apple slices. I think these would work in that.

                I like apple cooked up and fried with onions as the base for a curry.

                I think a few of them would work cooked peeled and pureed with butternut squash in a soup.

                Try peeling and cooking for applesauce--season with lots of fresh lemon juice and rind. Or maybe throw in a few raspberries or strawberries. Or cinnamon, if you like.

                Oh, slice them with onions and put them in a pan under a pork roast or juicy pork chops--bake.

                Try charoset--that's a Jewish relish for Passover--chopped apples and walnuts with lots of spice (cinnamon, cloves) and sweet wine.

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                  +1 on the soup and charoset- i've used some crappy apples and couldn't tell the difference vs the time i used $$$ organic honeycrisps!

                2. Maybe peel them (they often have very thick skins) and make applesauce with a lot of cinnamon to make up for the lack of flavor? I also make caramelized applesauce--just melt the sugar before adding the apples. Or maybe peel, dice, and hide in a spice cake?

                  1. Our chickens love apples. So do our worms. Or if you have teenage boys (or grown men who like to act like teenage boys),make a potato cannon out of some PVC pipe and let them terrorize the neighborhood.

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                      My husband's brother has chickens. This will be perfect!

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                        If your husband and his brother are anything like me and my brother, you'd better not suggest the potato cannon idea, or the chickens won't get any.

                    2. Peel & dice. Use up gradually in various cooked apple recipes -- apple sauce, apple crisp, apple cake -- mixing some of the "delicious" apples with a more tart apple. Freeze the rest of the diced delicious apples and gradually deplete the supply.

                      1. I won some at a charity auction recently. I gave them away to the food bank.

                        1. Deer really like apples...

                          1. Terrible Red Delicious Apples - that's redundant, 99% of the time, isn't it? I agree with the suggestions to feed them to animals. I wouldn't want to invest much time, and other ingredients, in trying to make silk purses out of them. If you have apple cider, it MIGHT work to cook peeled slices in that, and taste. If not good enough to accompany roast meats, keep cooking them into applesauce, in hopes that the concentrated cider will flavor them. Add maple syrup at the end if it needs to be sweeter.

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                              I have some $10/gallon unpasteurized organic cider. Probably not a good option. I will also probably have some leftover treetop juice after making a batch of apfelwein next weekend! Maybe that's more their groove.

                              I suppose the dogs would probably appreciate them.

                            2. Does anyone make apple dolls anymore? Red Delicious were the perfect variety for apple dolls.

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                                Wow, memory slam! My granny used to make those. It's been decades since I even thought of that. Reminds me of all the Foxfire book series--the stories of my youth.

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                                  Right. It's been decades since I've even seen an apple doll around a craft fair. But some of the better made ones would last forever.

                              2. Bahahahahahaha, So I cut one of them in half a few minutes ago to see how they felt about it.

                                Dog #1 licked it a few times and gave up.

                                Dog #2 sniffed at it, and promptly ignored, but once I scooted it over for him for the photo, he began nibbling with trepidation. This is the dog that eats raw kale, and will steal sweet potatoes out of the pantry when we're not home.

                                At least ONE of the dogs will eat them.

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                                  So cute! One of my dogs loves apples, the other makes this horrid face if I put them anywhere near her. She will however BEG for raw carrots (has chosen them over bacon), as well as green beans, frozen peas, and even broccoli.

                                  Also, I hate to be "that" person, but my vet told me the amount of arsenic in apple seeds is not enough to do harm from one apple, but if you feed them to your dogs often to core them first.

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                                    I appreciate the input. The dog with the floppy ears ate part of a bottle of ibuprophen when he was 1, and went into acute renal failure. $2000 later, he's fine, but we are very careful about what he eats (also the reason he eats raw).

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                                      My last dog (Gracie, the goofy red Dobie) was a 4 legged, "garbage disposal". She'd sit and wait for just about ANY fruit/veggie scrap... cores from lettuce/cabbage/cauliflower, ends of carrots, can't think of anything she didn't eat.

                                      Used to have a sad apple tree in backyard. Was never cared for so when it DID get fruit, it was pretty sad. When apples started falling, she'd start bringing them inside to munch on. I also asked vet about the seeds. Was told dog would have to eatcups of seeds alone before there would be any need for concern... especially a BIG dog.

                                  2. Use in your Thanksgiving stuffing/dressing, or use in cobblers or apple bread pudding along with another variety. Puree raw with skins and use in apple spice cake. Cook down whole, remove seeds and stems with food mill, and make apple butter.

                                    1. Could you donate them?

                                      I don't like the thought of donating icky food but if down on my luck I would probably find a fresh apple to be a treat.

                                      Beats using them for baseballs. . ..

                                      1. Compost them.

                                        Really, it's a crime what Red D's have done to the reputation of the apple.

                                        1. Grate & add to pancake batter (1 apple for every 1 cup of flour).
                                          Chop & simmer with red cabbage, with salt, pepper, a little vinegar, plus a few whole cloves if you like. Remove cloves before serving.

                                          1. Cook several of them (peeled and sliced) in a big batch of sauerkraut with bacon, onions, bell peppers and mushrooms.
                                            Throw some smoked sausage or bratwurst in at the end.

                                            1. I've been making apple and pear sauce like crazy this fall and using to make sauce/chocolate chip bread. So I'd probably peel and put in the crock for sauce, along with some cinnamon, ginger, etc.

                                              Or, make an apple shooter out of PVC pipe.