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Calbee seaweed & salt potato chips?

Any local sightings of these Japanese chips? They're available mail-order but that jacks up the cost.

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  1. I used to get them at the sweet shop on 9th and I think Harrison in Oakland Chinatown. God I love those, haven't had em for years. Wonder if 99 Ranch has them?

    1. fairly sure i've seen these at the 16th and mission walgreens, which has a largish japanese snack section for some reason.

      1. The Calbee chips worth looking out for are the "kata-age" thick chips made "kettle style". They come in many flavors; my favorites are Yuzu Kosho, Garlic and Nori.

        1. There are some on Amazon 12 for $ 20.31

          1. calbee's shop at westfield, s.f. closed recently.

            calbee has a manufacturing plant in farifield, ca.
            2600 maxwell way

            1. Daiso in SF has them plus some other imported-from-Japan flavors.

              1. I've purchased them from the 99 Ranch in Newark before.

                1. All 99 ranches has the Hong Kong produced version. Mitsuwa in San Jose has the Japanese produced version. They taste similar.

                  I'd also speculate that many markets that serve Chinese will have them as this product is highly popular in Hong Kong.

                  1. The chinese grocery stores in Chinatown has them. Just saw it at Ming Lee Market (759 Jackson St), $2.39 for the big bag.

                    1. Confirming that Sweetheart Company at 9th and Harrison in Oakland Chinatown still carries them. Also has another brand, Koikeya, which are tasty as well. Yum! Thanks for spurring my memory of them, Robert.

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                        They also have an awesome steamed ginger milk there.

                      2. Any 99 Ranch Market or Marina.

                        1. saw at Richmond 99 Ranch last week

                          1. omg, I love these!
                            I've bought bags at Koreana Plaza in Oakland, and Tokyo Fish Market in Berkeley