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Nov 22, 2013 07:58 AM

London Near FS Park Lane

Heading to London for a couple of nights before taking Chunnel to Paris. Staying at Four Seasons Park Lane and need a dinner suggestion. Not over the top but would love local modern chef. Keeping it nice casual. Also need post theater suggestion AND the best way to commute from Heathrow to the hotel. Don't mind a train. Thanks!

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  1. Tables at good London restaurants are hard to book, so do that as far in advance as you can. Check out The Ledbury, The Square, perhaps Pollen Street Social. I'm sure others will be along with more suggestions.

    You can take the Piccadilly Tube line straight from Heathrow. I guess Hyde Park Corner might be the closest stop - a few blocks walk.

    1. The Wolseley on Piccadilly is very near your hotel, Doesn't fit modern really and may be considered by some to be over the top. I just think it's very elegant. A great space and great service.
      For theatre suggestions it depends which theatre (there are quite a lot ) and what time the performance ends.
      For Heathrow to the hotel, get the Heathrow Express (15 mins but expensive) or the cheaper Heathrow connect (25 mins) to Paddington Station. Then get the number 436 or 36 bus which takes you up Park Lane. Get off at the stop before the Hyde Park Corner stop.

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        We will be at the Apollo for Curious Incident which lets out at about 10:15 pm. Thanks for the suggestions!

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          In that case I'd go to the Wolseley after the theatre. It's open until midnight and it's on the way from the theatre towards your hotel.

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            Thanks, but we may want to be a bit more casual.

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              Wolsoley is very casual, in my opinion. Grand room, but no pretension. Not really local modern cuisine though.

              Maybe Bocca di lupo for italian

              Personally, once you've paid 18 or whatever for the Heathrow Express, and then a taxi in to the hotel I don't see the point of not just taking a taxi. Google heathrow minicabs for cheap taxi services (30-40 to the hotel) or just take a black cab, maybe 70 quid or so?

      2. We are headed to Bocca di Lupo---and looking forward to it. Decided to take the Heathrow Connect rather than the Express as we arrive in on United and won't have to tram over to the Express terminal. 10 minutes longer ride but we save that in the transfer. We took a black cab the last trip in and that took forever.
        Now looking for very casual Sunday night eats. Can even be a sandwich! Thanks to all who replied.

        1. All; Bocca di Lupo was awesome, and a few feet from the theater (go see Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime at the Apollo). Too little time spent in London, this time. Will try and return for some horse racing soon. Thanks again!

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            Glad you enjoyed the food and the play. I thought the book was probably the worst I'd ever read but to each his own.