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Nov 22, 2013 07:47 AM

Small sufganiyot...

I acknowledge that (to my tastebuds) sufganiyot are just jelly donuts. I also should specify that I don't keep kosher... but...

What I'm looking for are "sufganiyot" type donuts that I could comfortably bring in to my kid's public kindergarten classroom.

My criteria would be as such:

1) powdered jelly donuts,
3) not tooooooo messy.

Ideally we're talking about jelly donut holes.

Any tips on where I can find such a thing?

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  1. How many do you need? If you are in the West LA area it would be worth checking with Frank Primo at Primo's on Sawtelle if you need enough of them to see if he would make them for you. He makes sufganiytot at times during the year, but probably larger than the ones you are looking for.

    1. I'm also not sure I can taste the difference, but it just doesn't seem right to buy a regular jelly donut.
      I get my sufganiyot (normal size) at Beverlywood Bakery on Pico. Call and see if they'd make you a batch of smaller ones.

      or maybe Stan's in Westwood.

      1. Blinkie's Donut Emporium in Woodland Hills (Topanga Cyn. Blvd. and Dumetz) has a big sign saying "get your jelly donuts for Hannukah." I don't know, though, what size they are/will be.

        Hmmm .. a good reason to take a little detour into Blinkie's, which has excellent products -- though unless you live relatively nearby it's got to be a shlep.