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Nov 22, 2013 06:54 AM

Vegan options in Dallas

I'm looking for restaurants that offer vegan options for a special birthday dinner. Open to any cuisine and price!

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  1. I should think there would be no problem ordering vegan foods at any Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Vietnamese, or Thai restaurant.

    Even steakhouses have vegan options in the form of salads, veggies, potatoes, etc.

    Have a look at the following links...

    1. There's also a Spiral Diner in Dallas, though I don't know if 'cuisine' is just the right word.

      A lot of vegetarians (I assume vegans too) like eating at Brazilian restaurants because the salad bars are usually so spectacular. Many of them have separate pricing for salad bar only.

      1. Seasons52 would be a fun choice. I've only been to the Plano location, but it has a "special night out" feel.

        They have a number of vegan options on the menu. Their menu does change seasonally (to some extent), but they also have standards that stay around for awhile. Here is a vegan menu:

        I've had their vegetable plate and it was quite good (and I'm an omnivore!). I'm also a fan of their vegetable soup.