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Nov 22, 2013 06:44 AM

Boddington's on tap in Montgomery County or Chester County?

Since Molly Maguire's got rid of it long ago, I haven't found it again in the area. Any recommendations?

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    1. Best bet is Stoney's in Wilmington. If not, try The Whip (Coatsville address) or Two Stones in Kennett.

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      1. re: danbee1

        Interesting! I pass by Two Stones just about every day -- in fact, I was at the dry cleaners right next door just yesterday -- and I wasn't aware that the place had already opened.

        1. re: danbee1

          We had lunch at the Kennett Two Stones on Friday. The place was jumping! Very good food and a huge assortment of beers. BUT the on-tap beer changes constantly. So if you find something you like once, the waitress explained, it doesn't mean you'll ever see it on the menu again.

        2. The easiest way to find this beer is in pub cans. I am seeing a lot less Boddingtons on draught, partly because of the nitro requirement, and I also do not think the distributors are pushing it as much. Sales of Boddigntons in the UK are down over 30 percent in the last five years. It is a languishing brand within the InBev portfolio.

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          1. re: cwdonald

            Thanks, that's interesting to know about the decline in the UK. It's actually the nitro that is key, and why I ask (other than a general love of Boddington's). I can't drink anything carbonated for health reasons, and so am limited to nitrogenated beer. Even nitro beers (like Boddington's, Guinness) are carbonated in a can or bottle, and so are out for me, sadly. Near where I live in Montco, the nitro tap was big for a while , but is losing its popularity, and frequency. Guinness is everywhere of course, and many of the micros serve their own stouts on nitro, but the other selections are getting rarer, and Boddington's and Kilkenny are long gone.

            1. re: rich24

              Hand pump is pretty easy to find though, at least in the city. I dont think youll find a foreign stout on hand pump though.

              1. re: barryg

                Hand pump/cask conditioned is easy to find, though you are not going to find Boddingtons on hand pump. In fact, Boddingtons discontinued their cask version (which was UK only) a few years ago.

                Standard Tap, Dandelion, among others always have at least one beer on hand pump.

              2. re: rich24

                Most of the craft-beer oriented places in the area have at least one nitro and/or cask tap going at any given time. TJ's in Paoli. the aforementioned Two Stones, Station Taproom in Downingtown, Drafting Room in Exton, etc. Even chains like the Pour House and, heck, the Uno's in Lionville.

                If you check their beer lists, you may find something you'd like. But probably not Boddington's.

            2. What does Craft Ale House in Limerick have on tap nowadays? I believe they always have something hand pumped.

              1. Fado has Boddington's on draft. Last time I was at Khyber they had Belhaven, but they rotate the selection frequently.