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From the Chowhound drop down menu.....down to View All Boards. When I click on View All Boards I briefly see all of them, then poof they are gone with only a grey screen left.

Is it me? Is you? Is it them???

Any ideas?

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  1. No problem here using Chrome on OS X 10.9.

    1. i'm running chrome and am having the same problem.

      1. Same issue since yesterday. I see them briefly, and then it's just a big, grey nothing.

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        1. re: linguafood

          i tried clearing the cache, and that didn't help.

        2. Tested it with both chrome and ie. Same problem.

          1. Soooooo it's not me, and it's not you, then it's gotta be them.

            Hello Them....are you there?

            1. Thanks for your reports, we're looking into this.

              One question: If you scroll down, do you see the list of threads below the empty gray space on your screen?

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              1. re: Engineering

                aha. yes, if i scroll below the large grey space, the "chowhound discussions" page turns up.
                and, if i click on "view board list" at the right, the boards will list.

                it's like the entire page has moved down and shrunk a bit.


                1. re: Engineering

                  Yes. Just checked. The list is below the blank page.