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Nov 22, 2013 05:55 AM

Best kosher Jerusalem restaurants -- time for an update

Mostly interested in meat, but veg or dairy recs gladly accepted. What's new and exciting?

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  1. RYU on Emek Refaim is not exactly new, but it was new to me when I went there a few weeks ago. They serve Jerusalem Mehadrin "Israeli-Asian fusion" - nicely cooked meat with lots of fresh veg, interestingly seasoned. NIS 428 for 4 of us.
    In terms of what's new, the First Station area is very new and has a pleasant atmosphere. The whole renovated train track/park is a great place to stroll or bike and mingle with a real cross section of Jerusalem society.
    Several of the restaurants there are kosher. I tried only Fresh Kitchen - definitely not recommended. It's dairy/veg and very very bland. Seems like it's run by the food police. We asked for butter for the bread and were told that they do not use it all, since it is "unhealthy." About NIS 60 per main dish.
    Also tried Caffit & Cafe Cafe for the first time recently. Meh. Cafe Kadosh (restaurant/cafe) and Lechem Shel Tomer (bakery/very simple meals) seem like the best bets in terms of dairy.

    1. I liked Herzl in the new Mamila mall. But it fell short of being great.

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        Is Herzl the place opened by the chef from the now defunct Joy?
        Can you be more specific about what you liked/didn't like? Thanks.

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          I don't know Joy, so I can't comment.

          The food was all good but nothing made me stop and say, "wow, this is delicious." The steak was a touch fatty and not in the marbled way. It also could have been hotter. I don't remember what my wife had but I remember that the presentation was plain. For those prices and for its locale, I expected more polish, flavor and creativity.

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            Thanks for the details.
            Joy was a very popular, usually packed Jerusalem restaurant that abruptly closed a couple of months ago after years in business. Don't know why. Apparently it is the same chef,

      2. RYU a 10
        Rosas excellent
        PAPAGUYO in Talpiot

        1. Sorry to disagree with the places suggested below but in my opinion they are all sub-standard options that do not offer good food but simply appeal to tourists and people looking for quantity over quality, which is not normally what this site is about.

          If you want really good kosher restaurants, you need to go to better places. Angelica moved to near the King David hotel and is excellent, one of the best kosher meat restaurants in town. Jacko's Street is a newish kosher meat restaurant near the shuk, good food and great atmosphere - they also have good cocktails.

          For dairy - Cafe de Paris on Azza is a great new addition. There is also a new dairy place near the shuk on Yafo called Trattoria Haba.

          I am not a fan of any of the kosher options at The First Station but it is a nice place to visit.

          You might find this group of interest

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            <Sorry to disagree with the places suggested below>

            Which places specifically? Can you detail your objections?
            And BTW, I am not a tourist ... at least, not unless I travel outside of Jerusalem.

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              RYU - some dishes are good but there is no atmosphere, bad service and it is overpriced.

              Joy/Herzl - it is the same owners - i never liked Joy or Herzl separately, the service is bad and the food very average and it is not value for money. I prefer to pay a little bit more for a really good meal. The only people that seem to like it are American tourists.

              Papagio is not a good restaurant - it is a just a lot of grilled meat. I much prefer Hatzot for a good grill restaurant.

              Kadosh and Lechem Shel Tomer are both good places but they are more cafes than dairy restaurants, I think Cafe de Paris and Grand Cafe are the best all-round dairy options in Jerusalem and Mamilla Cafe to a level up.

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              Really useful Facebook group. Very up-to-date posts on what people are liking in Jerusalem restaurants right now.

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                What's the name of this FB group?

                As an aside, we love Rozas, thought HaChatzer was pretty good but very expensive, and really, really enjoyed Agas v'Tapuach (Pera e Mela) for dairy.

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                  Linked form the post by debs76

              2. HaMotzi off of Agrippas was amazing and is meat. Cafe Kadosh, which is dairy and right by the Mamilla is also wonderful. Highly recommend both.