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Nov 22, 2013 04:41 AM

Leftover soft cheese

After a recent party, I was left with a decent amount of soft cheese - a camembert and another similar but slightly stronger cheese that I can't quite identify.

Both have been cut into, so it's not a matter of simply rewrapping and saving for the next party. But there's no way I can go through all this cheese as is - any suggestions of what I can do with it? Can I bake something with this kind of cheese?

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  1. You can be creative by using the cheeses as an ingredient for pizza. If you do not wish to start from scratch with making pizza dough, you can buy flat breads in a supermarket. The pizza toppings can be put on the flat bread and baked for a few minutes before serving.

    My wife has made flat bread pizza a number of times.

    1. You can make gougeres with a lot of different cheeses, blue cheese, gruyere, cheddar. They freeze beautifully when they are unbaked. In the same vain, you can bake savoury cheesy shortbread cookies.
      You could make a fromage fort
      Grilled cheese sandwiches
      Mac and cheese
      Mixed into mashed potatoes or polenta.

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        Downtown Josie beat me to it, I was thinking mac and cheese, too. I've also been known to add some to risotto, stirred in right at the end to make it really creamy.

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          Oh, gougères is a great idea! Plus the mixing into polenta. Thanks!

        2. Bruschetta would also be good. Toast the bread, smear on a little pesto, add cheese and under the broiler it goes.

          Could also add a little tomato or whatever on top after the cheese is melted. Other herbs like rosemary would be good.